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Survey Says: Californians' Perspectives on Health Care

PerryUndem Research/Communication

Are Californians getting the care they need? This survey shows that some groups are having a more difficult time accessing care than others.

While there is recent good news in terms of expanding health coverage, too many Californians struggle to get access to health care. This is particularly true of those with the greatest need: One in two adults who report they are in fair or poor health have delayed care in the past 12 months due to cost.

Survey Says: Californians' Perspectives on Health Care describes findings from a 2014 poll that asked California adults about health insurance coverage, access to care, cost and affordability, use of health information technology, and data on care quality.

Key findings include:

More than half of adults with the greatest need — those reporting fair or poor health — delayed care in the past 12 months due to cost. In 2014, 40% of adults delayed care in the previous 12 months due to costs.

Delayed Care Due to Costs, Overall and by Health Status, California, 2014

Finding health care providers who accept Medi-Cal was challenging. One in five enrollees (21%) reported difficulty finding a primary care physician who accepted Medi-Cal.

Difficulty Accessing Health Care, by Coverage Type, California, 2014

Among adults who needed to see a specialist, those in fair or poor health were more likely to have difficulty getting an appointment than those in excellent or very good health (43% vs. 17%).

Difficulty Getting Health Care, by Self-Perceived Health Status, California, 2014

The complete report, infographic, and all the charts found in the report, as well as the 2012 edition, are available under Document Downloads.

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