Transforming Medi-Cal

A Sacramento forum on Medicaid DSRIP programs in California and other states exposed the approaching fork in the road for Medi-Cal. DSRIP Forum

ICU Care Too Intense

Researchers have found that patients often receive treatment in the ICU that neither matches their preferences nor is likely to benefit them.

Perceptions Appropriateness Care

Decision Aid Upgrade

CHCF challenges human-centered designers to create a better presentation of treatment and supportive care options for late-stage lung cancer. Entries are due May 29.

Decision Aid Upgrade

Medi-Cal Is Data Driven

CHCF partnered with the Department of Health Care Services and UC Davis to host a data symposium on Medi-Cal enrollees with the most complex and costly conditions. MediCal Data Symposium 03 04 2015

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Chart à la Carte

Select data charts and graphs from CHCF reports to create your own presentation.

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Taking Stock, Moving Forward

Dr. Sandra R. Hernández
sets the context for
CHCF's new strategic
five-year goals.


Geographic Medical Variation

Leaders in Humboldt County came together to examine the causes of variation in their region.

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