Medi-Cal's High-Cost Populations

A webinar presents new research on the characteristics, health care usage, and spending associated with Medi-Cal's high-cost populations. An infographic also summarizes the key data points. MediCal Data Symposium

Nursing 2.0

Emerging technologies are revolutionizing nursing. The second in a series, this case study looks at interactive TV systems that engage patients in their care during hospital stays. Nursing Through Technology

Being Mortal

California communities will host screenings and discussions of FRONTLINE's "Being Mortal" with Atul Gawande, which shares the experiences of patients and families at the end of life.

RFA Being Mortal

Telehealth Influences Treatment

Doctors prescribing antibiotics in a telehealth encounter are more likely to resort to broad-spectrum drugs than their counterparts who see patients in person. See the Article

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Dr. Sandra R. Hernández
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