Our Top 10 of 2014

CHCF's most popular publications last year covered a wide range of issues, including variation in care quality, health care costs and coverage, Medi-Cal performance, physician supply, and health technology.

Top Ten

Pay for Performance

At the recent California Improvement Network meeting, three health care organizations shared how they are putting P4P programs to work to improve quality and reduce costs. QPR

Capturing the Whole Person

Social and behavioral factors — such as exposure to violence or tobacco — affect health. An IOM report looks at how these data might be captured in EHRs and used in clinical care.

Capturing Social Behavioral Domains EHRs

Quality Measures at Home

In-home primary and palliative care serves seriously ill patients where they live. CHCF supports quality measures and reporting standards for the re-emerging house call.

Optimizing Quality Home Care

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It Takes a Community to Train New Docs

Dr. Sandra R. Hernández
observes that physicians
should train where they
will eventually work.


The Lean Journey

Hospital leaders traveled the country to learn how to apply the Lean model to improve patient care.

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