Moving Markets in New Hampshire

CHCF and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported an examination of New Hampshire price transparency measures in health care markets.

Moving Markets New Hampshire

Advance Care Planning Takes Root

Community involvement is key to increasing the prevalence of advance health care planning. Four California coalitions share how it's done.

Advance Care Planning Takes Root

Pinpointing Care

Accountable care organizations are growing in number and importance on the national stage. An updated map shows the spread of Medicare ACOs in California. ACO Map

Patient-Centered Prescriptions

Clear labeling of prescription pills promotes adherence and safety. This CHCF-funded report has recommendations for other self-administered drugs.

Universal Medication Schedule

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From the President & CEO

Dr. Sandra R. Hernández
reflects on the challenges
of building the right
health care workforce.


The Lean Journey

Hospital leaders traveled the country to learn how to apply the Lean model to improve patient care.

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