Measuring Maternity Care

Experts discussed how to use data to improve maternity care — essential to advancing Californians' health and helping to put the Medi-Cal safety net on sound financial footing. Watch the video.

Briefing Maternity Care

Working in Concert

Patients should receive the appropriate level of care — no more and no less. But how is that sweet spot determined? This guide helps organizations get started on reducing unwarranted variations in care.

Working in Concert Reducing Variations

Gaps in Cancer Care

How do cancer patients find where to get the best treatment? CHCF's Stephanie Teleki looks at the knowledge gaps and discusses how CHCF is working to close them.

Policing Privacy

Sharing patients' information with third-party vendors can result in privacy breaches. Manatt investigated how vendors comply with HIPAA health privacy and security requirements. See the Manatt Report

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Chart à la Carte

Select data charts and graphs from CHCF reports to create your own presentation.

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When the Data Talk, We Should Listen

Dr. Sandra R. Hernández
on the power of data
to tell a story and spur
action on maternity care.


The Lean Journey

Hospital leaders traveled the country to learn how to apply the Lean model to improve patient care.

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