A Tale of Two Births

Expectant mothers can have different delivery experiences depending on the hospital. Where are California's high- and low-performing hospitals on maternity measures?

The Path to Enrollment

Applying for health insurance under the ACA is a challenge. Help is standing by for Californians trying to navigate their way to enrollment.

Path Enrollment ACA

Topic of Cancer

Information about cancer care quality in California is lacking. The California Cancer Registry houses important data, which, if linked with other data sources, could help fill the gaps.

Fighting Cancer Data Registry

POLST Registry

Hear about Oregon's successful implementation and the benefits and options for California to create a registry for POLST forms, which communicate patient preferences for treatment.

Briefing POLST Registry

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Chart à la Carte

Select data charts and graphs from CHCF reports to create your own presentation.

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A Holiday Gift: Peace of Mind

Dr. Sandra R. Hernández
advises we talk with our
families about advance
care planning.


The Lean Journey

Hospital leaders traveled the country to learn how to apply the Lean model to improve patient care.

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