Open Data Case Studies

How many solutions are hiding in plain sight? The latest installments in this series look at using data to prevent hospital-acquired infections and evaluating the impact of open data initiatives. Open Data

Uneven Terrain of Palliative Care

Data maps contrast the estimated need for palliative care with the uneven availability of hospital and community programs in California.

Palliative Care Data

Insurers on the Brink

California's insurance market is set to undergo enormous changes as health reform takes full effect and millions become eligible for public insurance or private subsidies.

California Health Plans Insurers

Summing It Up

A mandatory report to the California legislature provides an official reckoning of how many residents have gained health insurance and through which pathways.

California Eligibility Enrollment

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Select data charts and graphs from CHCF reports to create your own presentation.

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Looking for Palliative Care Everywhere

Dr. Sandra R. Hernández
charts the spread of
palliative care and
finds it uneven.


Geographic Medical Variation

Leaders in Humboldt County came together to examine the causes of variation in their region.

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