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CHCF Health Innovation Fund Brochure

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Fund Advisers


  • Seamless Medical Systems

    Seamless created the SNAP Practice Patient Engagement Platform, software that turns an iPad tablet into a digital patient communication tool, automating patient intake, risk assessment, and surveying.
    Investment $750,000
  • Omada Health

    Omada programs include professional health coaching, robust peer support, an engaging and interactive health curriculum, and smart technology to monitor and enhance progress.
    Investment $450,000
  • Propeller Health

    Propeller Health (formerly Asthmapolis) combines sensors, mobile apps, and services to help patients and their physicians better understand and control chronic respiratory disease to reduce preventable emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and unnecessary suffering.
    Investment $1,047,000
  • PipelineRx

    PipelineRx is a telepharmacy company that offers safety-net and rural hospitals access to remote pharmacy consultations to improve efficiency and reduce errors.
    Investment $790,000
  • iRhythm Technologies

    iRhythm developed an outpatient cardiac monitor that has the potential to make diagnosing cardiac arrhythmias more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient.
    Investment $1,500,000
  • Healthfinch

    Healthfinch provides software that streamlines prescription refills to improve the quality and efficiency of care by automating routine, repeatable tasks.
    Investment $250,000
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For Entrepreneurs

Investment Criteria

CHCF provides low-cost loans, loan guarantees, or equity to support organizations that are developing market-based solutions. Projects must have experienced management, potential for growth and sustainability, prototype-ready products, and customer interest in California.

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Notes from the Team

Case Studies in Funding Innovation

Following on the heels of "How to Find Breakthrough Ideas" on the Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog, Gabriel Kasper & Justin Marcoux have published a new set of related articles emerging from their "innovation funding" work.

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