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CHCF Innovation Showcase: Behavioral Health

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A wide variety of companies have made it their mission to design mental health care solutions that offer convenient, affordable options to patients with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. In the videos and slides below, 12 such companies explain how their solutions work and the problems they solve.

Big White Wall


Big White Wall (BWW) delivers personalized support and recovery pathways to improve mental health through a safe and engaging collaborative platform of peers, professionals, and evidence-based digital partners.

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Breakthrough offers a suite of products and a HIPAA-compliant video platform that provides consumers with access to convenient and quality mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral health care.

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Care Management Technologies


Care Management Technologies (CMT) enables payers and providers to improve the health of populations through risk identification and subpopulation stratification that can result in efficient and proactive outreach and care.

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Cogito’s software continuously collects and interprets the signals underlying telephone conversations and smartphone behaviors, identifies unconscious cues of isolation, connectedness, fatigue, etc., and uses these cues to infer psychological state.

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ConsejoSano is a mobile app that connects Spanish speakers with native Spanish-speaking doctors who provide health advice, emotional support, and counseling at an affordable price at any time.

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Doctor On Demand


Doctor On Demand is the fastest-growing virtual medical and behavioral health practice in the United States and offers urgent care and therapy visits by video over smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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Empower Interactive


Empower’s online programs teach evidence-based coping techniques that enable a significant reduction in required clinician resources for issues such as depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Visit Website    View Slideshow leverages self-report and smartphone sensor data with sophisticated analytics to help clinicians identify patients in a persistent or worsening mental state and delivers targeted interventions to reduce readmissions.

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myStrength enables health care payers and providers to deliver evidence-based, self-help mobile and web resources to people struggling with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

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ORCAS offers mobile self-management interventions, integrated with live coaching, addressing all the major lifestyle conditions, their comorbidities, and the target behaviors that impact these conditions.

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Evidence-based one-to-one therapy delivered in real-time using an online service that enables patients to meet with accredited therapists in a secure virtual environment at a time and location that is convenient.

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TeleMed2U is a 100% telemedicine-based, multispecialty clinical practice established to increase access to health care. TeleMed2U offers a tele-psychiatry program that serves patients in emergency departments, outpatient clinics, and other settings.

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