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Danny Sandoval
Sacramento Office Manager & Program Associate

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Select data charts and graphs from CHCF reports to create your own presentation.

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Who's Getting Care?

Gaps in access to care still disproportionately affect people in poor health and those with disabilities. Researchers compared Medi-Cal with employer-based coverage and Medicaid in other states.

MediCal Access Compared

Regulation Ripe for Overhaul?

A longtime observer of California's health insurance marketplace describes how the state could reduce redundancy in regulation under the Affordable Care Act.

Health Insurance Oversight CA

Medi-Cal's High-Cost Populations

A webinar presents new research on the characteristics, health care usage, and spending associated with Medi-Cal's high-cost populations. An infographic also summarizes the key data points. MediCal Data Symposium

The CHCF Almanac

Objective information on health care costs, coverage, quality, and delivery supports effective decision-making. The Almanac provides data and analysis on California's health care system. Almanac

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