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Danny Sandoval
Sacramento Office Manager & Program Associate

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Locally Sourced Care

A lot of health care happens in our own backyards. This report looks at the role of California's counties in providing health services for our state's most vulnerable residents. Locally Sourced Crucial Role Counties

Directory Assistance

Inaccurate provider directories can thwart consumers' efforts to make informed health coverage decisions. What can California learn from other states about maintaining provider directories? Directory Assistance Provider

Limited Visibility

Californians use outpatient surgery centers for many same-day procedures, yet fragmented oversight makes it difficult to get information about these facilities and the quality of care they provide.

Limited Visibility Outpatient Surgery

The CHCF Almanac

Objective information on health care costs, coverage, quality, and delivery supports effective decision-making. The Almanac provides data and analysis on California's health care system. Almanac

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