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Danny Sandoval
Sacramento Office Manager & Program Associate

Chart à la Carte

Select data charts and graphs from CHCF reports to create your own presentation.

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Opioid Overuse Webinars

The misuse of prescription painkillers (opioids) is a significant public health problem. Three webinars offer help to clinics, plans, and residency programs.

CIN Opioid Webinars

Being Mortal

California communities will host screenings and discussions of FRONTLINE's "Being Mortal" with Atul Gawande, which shares the experiences of patients and families at the end of life.

RFA Being Mortal

CHIP: Two More Years

The Children's Health Insurance Program has two more years of federal funding thanks to recent legislation. What does this mean for California?

Two Years CHIP Funding

The CHCF Almanac

Objective information on health care costs, coverage, quality, and delivery supports effective decision-making. The Almanac provides data and analysis on California's health care system. Almanac