Listening to Black Californians is a three-phase study to understand Black Californians’ experiences of racism and the powerful influence it yields over their health care and outcomes. This project will identify policy actions and practice changes at the clinical, administrative, and training levels that policymakers and health system leaders can take to eliminate the impact of racism on Black Californians’ experiences in health care and to improve their health outcomes.

In Phase I of the study, 100 Black Californians were interviewed about their views on health, their experiences with racism and health care, and their perspectives on quality health care. The interviewees, who ranged in age from 18 to 86 and resided in locations across the state, were selected to represent the diversity of Black Californians.

Phase II of Listening to Black Californians will identify structural issues in the health care system through discussions with Black Californians and key health care stakeholders participating in 18 focus groups.

The third and final phase of the study will be a statewide survey of 3,000 Black Californians, designed to assess the extent to which the Phase I and Phase II findings are represented in the general Black Californian population.

The final report is expected in summer of 2022.

EVITARUS, a Black-owned public opinion research firm in Los Angeles, is conducting the research. An advisory group composed of academics, policymakers, providers, and community advocates is guiding the study.

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