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Riverside/San Bernardino: Vast Region, Market Fragmentation Add to Access Woes

Center for Studying Health System Change

The vast Riverside/San Bernardino region is recovering slowly from the economic downturn, and access to care continues to be a challenge. This report provides a snapshot of the region's health care market.

September 2012

CHCF is updating a series of market studies in six areas: Fresno, Los Angeles, Riverside/San Bernardino, Sacramento, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area. These regional market reports highlight variations in health care affordability, access, and quality of care across the state. The reports are published as part of the CHCF California Health Care Almanac, an online clearinghouse for key data and analyses examining California's medical system.

Key findings of the Riverside/San Bernardino report include:

  • This region's booming population, hospitals, physicians, and private community health centers are anchored to its two large cities, leaving spotty coverage in rural areas. The area has been hard hit by the slow economic recovery and a significant loss of employer-sponsored coverage. Access to care continues to be a problem for those with low incomes and in remote areas.
  • The region's providers are largely fragmented, and there is no dominant health system. While Kaiser Permanente's expansion into the area has intensified competition, hospitals, safety-net facilities, and community health centers collaborated to improve access to specialty care for low-income patients.
  • Hospitals improved their financial standing mainly through strong clout with health plans. A physician shortage continues, and hospitals are aggressively seeking referrals.

The complete 2012 issue brief, as well as the 2009 edition, is available under Document Downloads.