On a Mission: Investing for US Health Impact in 2014

Melissa Buckley, Director, Innovation Fund


On a Mission: Investing for US Health Impact in 2014 provides an overview of mission investing in domestic health in 2014: participating organizations, areas of investment, dollars invested, and most commonly used investment vehicles.

Key survey findings include:

  • The survey identified 16 organizations that made health impact investments in 2014 totaling more than $120 million.
  • Debt was the most commonly used investment vehicle (68% of all investments), although nearly half of respondents used multiple investment vehicles to support their investees.
  • Respondents invested across a range of health areas. More than two-thirds (69%) made investments in the care delivery system, 57% invested in social determinants of health, and 44% made investments in health and wellness.
  • More respondents invested in nonprofit groups than in for-profit organizations. These nonprofit investments represented 66% of total investment dollars.

The California Health Care Foundation partnered with Mission Investors Exchange to conduct this survey.

Not intended to be a comprehensive study of all impact investors, the survey was designed to encourage participation in ongoing data-gathering efforts. If your organization would like to be included in future surveys, please contact CHCF.

The full report, as well as the previous one covering the 2012 survey, is available as a Document Download.