Getting Lean: A Journey Toward Better Health Care

Lean is a management model that was born in manufacturing and is now taking hold in health care. Focused on patient needs, it uses a bottom-up approach to identify and fix broken systems anywhere in an organization. Lean engages all staff as well as leaders in redesigning processes for greater efficiency and quality.

Getting Lean: Follow the Journey

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Traveling from snowy northern Wisconsin to balmy Southern California, safety-net hospital executives learned about Lean techniques from three pioneers and began applying them at home. Sponsored by CHCF, the project involves five California public hospital systems:

  1. Alameda Health System
  2. Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
  3. Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
  4. San Francisco General Hospital
  5. San Mateo Medical Center

This multimedia presentation shows the journey taken by these safety-net leaders to apply Lean techniques to improve patient care.