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Michael Huff, PhD, MA


Michael Huff served as a senior program officer with CHCF’s High-Value Care team, which supports policies and care models that align with patient preferences, are proven effective, and are affordable. Prior to joining CHCF, Michael worked as a criminal justice and substance use disorder specialist for Alameda County. He has also served in the Office of Urban Male Health in the Alameda County Public Health department, leading special health care projects focused on establishing medical homes for indigent men and addressing the health care needs of underserved populations.

Michael was the director of the San Francisco African American Health Disparity Project for five years, working with the Hospital Council, county government, and University of California, San Francisco, to eliminate health disparities and barriers to health care. Prior to that, he was director and site manager of the West Oakland Health Council’s Transitional Housing program.

Michael received a master’s degree in public administration from California State University, East Bay, and a PhD in sociology from Northwestern University.