Webinar — Treating Maternal Opioid Addiction with Buprenorphine

About This Event

Pregnant women with opioid addiction can be effectively treated with buprenorphine. But rural pregnant women with opioid use disorder often need to travel long distances for care: Local obstetricians don’t treat addiction, and local buprenorphine prescribers don’t treat pregnant patients. As a result, many women with addiction hide their condition, and when untreated, are at higher risk of their babies’ suffering neonatal abstinence syndrome and of losing custody of their babies.

This webinar reviews the basics of buprenorphine treatment in pregnancy to help rural clinicians improve outcomes for women and infants exposed to opioids. Participants will learn the evidence supporting buprenorphine in pregnancy, the basics of prenatal treatment, intrapartum management, management of neonates, practical considerations for rural practices, and available support resources.


  • Corey Waller, MD, MS, DFASAM, senior medical director, Education and Policy Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
  • Diana Coffa, MD, associate professor, UCSF Family and Community Medicine

A recording of the event and the presentation slides, as well as additional materials, are available below.

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