Webinar — Opioid Safety Coalitions: Is Buprenorphine for Pain a Safer Alternative to High-Dose or Long-Term Opioid Use?

About This Event

A nationwide movement to increase access to buprenorphine for addiction gives hope for populations of patients with opioid use disorder. However, the majority of people dying from opioid overdoses are taking medications for pain from their doctor. Buprenorphine is a strong painkiller; however, its pharmacology means it is much less likely to cause overdose deaths. It is also long-acting, so it produces fewer withdrawal and craving symptoms, and may have fewer comorbidities (sleep apnea, hypogonadism, and others).

Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a Marin pain specialist and widely published researcher, will discuss his approach with patients with chronic pain and the benefits of using buprenorphine in situations where high-dose or problematic opioid use creates the risk of harm. He is the founder and medical director of Recovery Without Walls, a confidential, individualized outpatient clinic that provides treatment of chronic pain, chemical dependency, prescription medication management issues, and problems with alcohol.

A recording of the event and the presentation slides are available below. Also available is a compilation of questions and answers on buprenorphine treatment, as well as an annotated bibliography compiled by Kornfeld.

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