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Top 10 of 2015

Below are the 10 CHCF releases that drew the most interest in 2015. These reports, projects, events, and infographics cover a wide range of issues on which CHCF is keenly focused, including health care coverage and costs, the Medi-Cal program, palliative and end-of-life care, behavioral health, and opioid safety.

  1. California Health Insurers: Brink of Change and The Private Insurance Market in California, 2013
    (Almanac report and data visualization)
  2. Nursing 2.0: Improving Care Through Technology 
    (Two-part report and slideshow)
  3. ACA 411: Tracking Health Reform in California 
    (Data tool with analysis and data export)
  4. Community Screenings of 'Being Mortal'
    (Request for applications, discussion guide and events map)
  5. Data Symposium and Webinar on High Utilizers of Medi-Cal Services
    (Live event, infographic, event recording, and materials)
  6. Health Care Costs 101 and US Health Care Spending: Who Pays? 
    (Report, interactive graphic, and data files)
  7. Uneven Terrain: Mapping Palliative Care Need and Supply in California
    (Data visualization and download) 
  8. Fine Print: Rules for Exchanging Behavioral Health Information in California and Webinar
    (Report, infographic, and webinar)
  9. RN Role Reimagined: How Empowering Registered Nurses Can Improve Primary Care
  10. Regional Opioid Safety Coalitions
    (Request for applications and related materials)

The CHCF Blog: Top Three Articles

  1. The Curious Case of ZDoggMD
  2. Medi-Cal 2020: New Waiver in Sight, But Long-Term Vision Needed
  3. Fresh Data on ACA 411 Show Impacts of Health Reform