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Top 10 of 2016

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Below are the 10 CHCF releases that drew the most interest in 2016. These reports, projects, infographics, and resource pages cover a wide range of issues on which CHCF is keenly focused, including health care coverage and costs, the Medi-Cal program, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), palliative and end-of-life care, and opioid safety.

  1. Health Care Costs 101: ACA Spurs Modest Growth and US Health Care Spending: Who Pays?
    (Almanac report, interactive graphic, and data files)
  2. ACA 411: Tracking Health Reform in California and What Will Consumers Pay in Premiums for Covered California Silver Plans in 2017?
    (Data tool with analysis and data export, and blog article)
  3. San Francisco Bay Area: Major Players Drive Regional Network Development and Empire Building by the Bay: Consolidating Control of Hospitals and Physician Organizations in the Bay Area
    (Report and interactive infographic)
  4. California Improvement Network
    (Webinars, workshops, partner meeting reports, and other resources for network participants)
  5. California's Uninsured: As Coverage Grows, Millions Go Without
    (Report, quick reference guide, infographic, and data files)
  6. Opioid Safety Coalitions Network
    (Events and resources for this network of providers and other stakeholders working on opioid safety)
  7. California Health Insurers: Brink of Change
    (Report, quick reference guide, data files, and interactive infographic)
  8. Moving Medi-Cal Forward on the Path to Delivery System Transformation
    (Report and landscape assessment)
  9. Digitizing the Safety Net: Health Tech Opportunities for the Underserved
  10. California's Health Care Safety Net: A Sector in Transition
    (Report and infographic)

The CHCF Blog: Top Five

  1. Lifting Death's Veil: A Conversation with Atul Gawande
  2. If Addiction Had No Stigma, and Treatment Were Widely Available, Would the Outcome for Prince Have Been Different?
  3. Turning the Tide on California's Opioid Epidemic
  4. Don't Let Zeal for Stopping Opioid Epidemic Create a New Class of Refugee
  5. Alternative Energy: Here's What Happens When California Consumers Join the Fight to Protect Patients from Medical Harm