Free the Data

Promoting Transparency and Better Decisionmaking by Accelerating Access to Health Information

This CHCF initiative ensures that more health care data are publicly reported in California while helping to develop tools to access, analyze, and communicate these data.

August 2012

CHCF is supporting development of a robust health care data infrastructure in California through its "Free the Data" initiative. The effort stems from CHCF's commitment to promote transparency in health care delivery as a means to improve quality, increase access, and reduce costs. As part of this focus, the foundation is investing in making health care data more easily accessible.

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This goal will be achieved by supporting government efforts to improve access to public domain data and by catalyzing the development of tools to help meet the growing demand for health data.

Work in this area includes:

  • Identifying best practices and lessons learned from other efforts to free government data
  • Demonstrating innovative approaches to data visualization and display
  • Participating in a national consortium of funders, data developers, and media
  • Developing an inventory of state and local health care data, identifying obstacles to access, and prioritizing opportunities to make additional data available
  • Supporting efforts to integrate health data into websites and mobile apps for consumers, providers, payers, and other audiences
  • Encouraging broader use of health care data among the media
  • Aiding health policy audiences with tools to use data in their work
  • Providing consumers with better access to data about health care quality

Health Data All Stars

Health Data All Stars is a directory of prominent health data resources at the federal, state, and local levels. The site was created by Forum One Communications, with support from CHCF, and is housed on the Health Data Consortium website. Health Data All Stars was informed by conversations with leading researchers, government officials, entrepreneurs, advocates, and others asked to identify the health data resources that matter most. It is designed to be updated with new resources based on input from readers.

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