Encore Fellows in Community Health Centers

A program to place corporate professionals nearing retirement with community health centers sought to boost the clinics' financial management, strategic planning, IT systems, and operations.

January 2014

The Encore Fellows in Community Health Centers (EFCHC) program paired former corporate professionals with health centers in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley, and San Diego to strengthen the operational capacity of these critically important health care providers.

Through this innovative program, Encore fellows leveraged their extensive skills and experience to address the challenges faced by community health centers — institutions that provide care to four million Californians. Participating clinics gained new expertise in financial management, human resources, information technology, process improvement, and strategic planning.

The California HealthCare Foundation is no longer actively recruiting Encore fellows for Community Health Centers; however, if your clinic organization is interested in hosting a fellow or learning more about the program, please contact the Center for Care Innovations by emailing veenu@careinnovations.org or by calling 415.561.6394. If you are interested in being an Encore fellow, please apply directly through Encore.org.

If you want to learn more about how the Encore fellows helped community health centers, view the videos below and visit the Encore Fellows in Community Health Centers website.

In the video below, Roger Lewis, a former human resources executive who works with the Gardner Family Health Network, talks about what motivated him to join the program.

In the video below, Reymundo Espinoza, CEO of San Jose-based Gardner Family Health Network, reflects on how hosting an Encore fellow helped advance Gardner's goal of managing growth and continuously improving quality.