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Avram Goldstein
Senior Communications Officer
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Looking for 500,000 More Enrollees

Covered California kicks off open enrollment on November 15 with plans to enroll or renew a total of 1.7 million people — up 500,000 from this past year.

Ready for a Medi-Cal Boom?

Will California physicians be able to handle the Medi-Cal population surge? This report looks at physician participation in Medi-Cal and its implications for access to care.

Physician Participation MediCal

Monitoring Performance

Which type of Medi-Cal managed care plan does the best job caring for enrollees? A follow-up issue brief compares locally sponsored plans to commercial plans. Monitoring Performance MediCal Managed Care

Early Experiences with the ACA

How successful is the ACA for Californians who seek and provide care? This study offers early experiences of consumers and clinical organizations in the state.

Patients Providers Early Care ACA

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The Takeaway

Transforming Medi-Cal: Where Do We Go from Here?

Christopher Perrone

California is nearing the end of a five-year federal waiver that has provided essential funding and flexibility to help modernize the state's $95-billion Medicaid program, Medi-Cal. In many ways, California's waiver has sparked crucial changes.

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