CIN Webinar — Using Virtual Reality to Improve Patient Care

Past Event
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Noon–1:00 PM (PT)

About This Event

We hope with VR that people change their perception of reality and change their pain sensations while they are in this different world. We hope these neuronal networks will rewire to give patients a different experience with pain. – Melissa Fledderjohann, Psy.D

In this webinar recording, San Mateo Medical Center’s Michael Aratow, MD, chief medical information officer and emergency physician, and Melissa Fledderjohann, MD, head of the Pain Management Clinic and supervising psychologist, discuss implementing virtual reality (VR) in clinical settings and a deep dive into how VR can be embedded into an interdisciplinary pain management program.


  • Learn about general implementation issues of VR in different clinical environments, including how web browsers directly link to head mounted display.
  • Learn about information resources for VR and possible future technical developments.
  • Learn about the clinical evidence and uses of VR in the treatment of chronic pain.
  • Learn about the possible action mechanisms of VR on chronic pain perception in the context of neuroplasticity and perception.



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