CIN Webinar — Extended Reality Technology Treatment for Behavioral Health

Past Event
Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Noon–1:00 PM (PT)

About This Event

Some anxiety disorders lead to avoidance and safety behaviors which are maladaptive to current life. We use virtual reality to help patients by using exposure therapy to reduce fear and anxiety in session.

—Kim Bullock, MD

Interested in how new applications of technology could support your work in mental health?  For the past three decades, extended reality (XR), including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality, has been used to treat a variety of behavioral health conditions. Embodied VR is a new area of XR that is exploring treatment options for psychiatric disorders, such as body image and psychosomatic symptoms, through immersive experiences with online avatars.

This webinar recording with Dr. Kim Bullock, Stanford professor, neuropsychiatrist, and clinical XR researcher, covers the theory, evidence, application, challenges, and potential applications of XR for treating behavioral health conditions.


  • Learn about the clinical evidence and uses of XR in behavioral health.
  • Learn about the applications of XR on the future of telehealth.
  • Gain insight into the potential application of technology and nervous system interfaces to create long-lasting neuroplasticity and behavior change.
  • Demonstrate the need for effective collaboration between academia and industry to innovate XR solutions for mental health conditions.



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