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Partnering for Impact: Engaging Entrepreneurs in the Future of Community Health Centers

Applications Now Being Accepted

CHCF and The Kresge Foundation join forces in a multimillion-dollar investment initiative to focus health care entrepreneurs on the needs of community health centers.

Historically charged with providing primary care to vulnerable populations, community health centers and clinics are now looking to expand their services and build their capacity to care for the 20 million Americans who will be newly insured under the Affordable Care Act. To reach their goals, community health centers and clinics across the country increasingly are partnering with companies that offer low-cost solutions to improve health care access, efficiency, and affordability.

The Partnering for Impact initiative, jointly sponsored by the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) and The Kresge Foundation, was created to help accelerate collaboration between companies and community health centers. Over the next three years the foundations will invest at least $5 million in several companies that have technology- or service-based solutions that help community health centers and clinics make their resources go further, increase patient access to care, and/or lower the cost of providing care.

Apply Now to Partnering for Impact

See the FAQ and begin an application online now.

Through this initiative, the foundations will identify and invest in companies that already serve health centers and are ready to scale, as well as those that are motivated to bring their solutions to underserved markets. To be eligible for investment, entrepreneurs must be based in the United States and demonstrate how their product or service can maintain or improve patient experience while accomplishing one or more of the following goals:

  • Enhance health center efficiency by at least 20%
  • Increase access to highly needed health service(s) for 100,000 patients annually
  • Reduce costs by $25 million annually

In addition to receiving funding, selected companies will be paired with community health centers and clinics ready to implement new solutions, along with mentors experienced in community health center management, technology, and public payment issues. Grant funding for technical assistance and evaluation may also be available.

Application Process

  • Companies must apply online.
  • A subset will be selected for further review and additional information will be requested.
  • Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the initiative.

Applications are now being accepted online. Frequently asked questions and answers about the initiative are available as a Document Download.