Worth a Thousand Words: How to Display Health Data

Forum One Communications


Many organizations struggle with how best to display and present data for clarity, storytelling, and impact. This presentation will guide you in making your health data come to life. It explains how to get started and contains examples of data displays produced by such organizations as state health departments, researchers, and nongovernmental/nonprofit organizations.

This guide provides:

  • A case study and examples of effective health data visualizations
  • A toolkit featuring the benefits of various presentation models, ranging from line graphs to maps
  • Steps to develop your data visualization
  • Tips on how to promote your visualization
  • A discussion on the importance of sharing raw data
  • Software tools and sources of inspiration

Among the many tips offered: to communicate findings and implications from data, take them out of their native spreadsheet or database and conduct an analysis that goes beyond a simple flat format. And when making data available to the public, enable others to create their own data displays by offering a data download or, even better, an API into the data.

The complete guide is available as a Document Download.