Video on Coaching Patients for Successful Self-Management

Growing evidence continues to show that as much as 90% of the management of a chronic disease must come directly from the patient. In response, CHCF has produced a video featuring coaching techniques for providers to effectively educate and motivate patients to take charge of their health.

Just telling patients what to do doesn’t work. Healthy behavior change requires making an agreement between the caregiver and the patient and developing an action plan.

Called “Coaching Patients for Successful Self-Management,” the video includes two topics: using the action planning process to support healthy behavior change, and ensuring patients are taking their medications appropriately. In both cases, patients are coached on the skills they need to become active participants in their own care. Coaching can be done by clinicians or other provider team members.

Coaching techniques featured in this video help encourage behavior change and medication adherence by:

  • Engaging the patient by continuously asking questions
  • Helping the patient develop a realistic action plan
  • Following up to monitor progress
  • Finding out whether the patient understands the medication plan and agrees with it
  • Asking the patient about barriers to medication adherence
  • Calling the patient a few days after a medication change to see how things are going

The material is presented by Tom Bodenheimer, MD, of the University of California, San Francisco, and San Francisco General Hospital.


Available under Document Downloads below is “My Action Plan,” which is used in the video, in English and Spanish.

This is the second video released by CHCF on the subject. The first one, “Techniques for Effective Patient Self-Management,” was released in August 2006.