Webinar — CHCF Humboldt/Del Norte Regional Market Study

About This Event

California’s large size means that health care is organized, delivered, and financed differently throughout the state. For the fourth time since 2009, CHCF has commissioned studies of seven large and diverse regional markets. These studies provide details of local health care systems and identify common themes and emerging issues that influence how Californians receive their health care.

In a virtual briefing on November 9, CHCF shared results from its report on the Humboldt/Del Norte region. This is the first time the Humboldt/Del Norte region was included in the study; prior regional reports were released in 2009, 2012, and 2016. The seven markets included in the project — Central Valley, Humboldt/Del Norte, Los Angeles, Riverside/San Bernardino, Sacramento, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area — reflect a range of economic, demographic, care delivery, and financing conditions in California.

What are the key factors affecting the health care market in the Humboldt/Del Norte region? What are the unique challenges for this region, how have community leaders addressed them to date, and what are their future plans?

Briefing participants heard from the consulting team and reflections from five community leaders with a deep understanding of the health care market in the Humboldt/Del Norte region. They addressed issues such as a challenging economic situation and related health consequences, a severe shortage of health care professionals, and how a nonprofit data exchange and strong community collaboration help to address the region’s challenges.

Speakers included:

Jill Yegian, PhD
Principal, Yegian Health Insights, and Affiliate, Blue Sky Consulting Group

Rosemary Den Ouden
CEO, Humboldt IPA

Liz Gibboney, MA
CEO, Partnership HealthPlan of California

Roberta Luskin-Hawk, MD
CEO, St. Joseph Health, Humboldt County

Cheyenne Spetzler
COO, Open Door Community Health Centers

Nancy Starck
Legislative and Policy Manager, Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services

Kristof Stremikis, MPP, MPH, director of CHCF’s Market Analysis and Insight team, provided opening remarks and moderate the webinar. Attendees had the opportunity to pose questions to the speakers.



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