CIN Webinar — Washington’s Statewide Community Care Coordination and SWACH’s HealthConnect Hub

About This Event

Are you trying to better understand how to use patient data to effectively address access to care for your patients and community members? Washington Accountable Communities for Health (ACH), through statewide system transformation, is working to improve health care and health outcomes by creating a community-based care coordination and community information exchange platform. Through these two efforts, Washington plans to create a system of patient-centered care that ultimately improves care coordination within the community, reduces health disparities, and addresses equity of outcomes.

In the video below, listen to the discussion with Eric McNair Scott, Director of Community Clinical Linkages, Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health (SWACH), to learn from efforts in Washington in developing the HealthConnect Hub — a regional and state aligned infrastructure for integrated community-based care coordination programs that centers the community-based workforce to improve access, equity, and whole-person health.




  • Learn how Washington is developing a statewide care coordination system and community information exchange platform to improve health outcomes for residents
  • Gain insights into how Washington is implementing these efforts across the state and how you can adapt their lessons to modify efforts within your organization

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