Addressing Opioid Exposure in Pregnancy — Best Practices for Women and Newborns

Past Event
Monday, October 1, 2018
Fairfield, CA

About This Event

As opioid abuse has soared, more pregnant woman are also using opioids, and more infants are diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). Pregnant women often do not receive optimal diagnosis and treatment for their opioid use. The care of newborns with NAS often involves long hospital stays and separation from their mothers.

This one-day conference highlighted a new approach, one that improves care for mother and newborns, and reduces a newborn’s hospital stay from an average of 30 days to just five.

We invite you to watch videos from three of the speakers:

  • Matthew Grossman, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine
  • Corey Waller, MD, principal with Health Management Associates and an addiction medicine specialist
  • Elliott Main, MD, medical director, California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative


In addition to the presentations above, watch Dr. Corey Waller’s highly engaging video Addiction Neuroscience 101 on YouTube (23 minutes).