Getting Lean: A Journey Toward Better Health Care

Russell Mitchell

This multimedia presentation shows how leaders from five California public hospital systems traveled the country to learn how to apply the Lean management model to improve patient care.

December 2013

Lean is a management model that was born in manufacturing and is now taking hold in health care. Focused on patient needs, it uses a bottom-up approach to identify and fix broken systems anywhere in an organization. Lean engages all staff as well as leaders in redesigning processes for greater efficiency and quality.

Getting Lean: Follow the Journey

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Traveling from snowy northern Wisconsin to balmy Southern California, safety-net hospital executives learned about Lean techniques from three pioneers and began applying them at home. Sponsored by CHCF, the project involves five California public hospital systems:

  1. Alameda Health System
  2. Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
  3. Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
  4. San Francisco General Hospital
  5. San Mateo Medical Center

This multimedia presentation shows the journey taken by these safety-net leaders to apply Lean techniques to improve patient care.