On the Path to Enrollment: Getting Californians Covered Under the ACA

Community Health Councils

Applying for health insurance under the ACA is a challenge. Help is standing by for Californians trying to navigate their way to enrollment.

October 2013

Due to changes in Covered California’s enrollment assistance programs, some of the content in this report may be outdated. Check the Covered California website for up-to-date information.

Beginning in January 2014, millions of Californians will be newly eligible for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Many will need help understanding, accessing, and using these benefits. This report provides information about the outreach, enrollment, and assistance programs required under the ACA, and about efforts to implement this continuum of consumer support in California.

These programs include:

  • A statewide marketing and outreach campaign and a Community Mobilization Program to raise awareness among consumers and small businesses about available coverage options
  • Help applying for, changing, renewing, or discontinuing health coverage through the state's Enrollment Assistance Program, which includes the federal Navigator and In-Person Assistance (IPA) Programs
  • Consumer assistance programs to help people who encounter problems applying for or using health coverage

The full report is available as a Document Download.