About CHCF

CHCF is a nonprofit grantmaking philanthropy based in Oakland, California. Founded in 1996, the staff of about 50 people issues around $35 million in grants each year from an endowment of $700 million. CHCF does not participate in lobbying or fundraising.

To accomplish its goals, the foundation focuses its effort in these areas:

  • Improving clinical outcomes and quality of life for Californians with chronic disease. Nearly half of all Americans live with a chronic medical condition, and this number is expected to rise by 25% during the next two decades. In California, individuals with multiple chronic conditions — 20% of the population — account for 60% of the state's health care expenditures. For details, see the Better Chronic Disease Care Program.
  • Reducing barriers to efficient, affordable health care for the underserved. The cost of health care has put insurance coverage beyond the reach of many working Californians while the safety-net institutions that care for much of the state's underserved populations are under financial and organizational strain as they try to care for an increasing number of individuals. For details, see the Innovations for the Underserved Program
  • Promoting greater transparency and accountability in California's health care system. Public information about cost and quality is essential to improving health care for Californians. Objective data can help providers, policymakers, employers, insurers, patients, and consumers make better-informed decisions about the issues that matter to them. For details, see the Market and Policy Monitor Program
  • Supporting the implementation of health reform and advancing the effectiveness of California's public coverage programs. The passage of the federal Affordable Care Act creates an extraordinary opportunity to provide health coverage to millions of Californians. Its success will depend on how the law is implemented by the states. This initiative focuses on elements of health reform that have the greatest potential to affect California. For details, see the Health Reform and Public Programs Initiative.

For an overview of our work, see our most recent publications.