CHCF, in partnership with Smart Care California, has created a resource catalog of individuals, organizations, and firms interested in supporting health plan opioid safety initiatives and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) integration in primary care and other settings. Health plans have the potential to have a meaningful impact in the nation’s fight against the opioid epidemic. CHCF’s hope is that health plans and other organizations can use this catalog to identify resources that could be helpful to them in this work.

The catalog is split into three categories: technical assistance, academic detailing, and MAT coaching.

These organizations are available to support health plans in implementing MAT in multiple settings, including help with delivery systems and electronic health records management.

These firms are available to provide academic detailing and strategies for identifying and remedying outlier prescribers in a health system.

These individuals and organizations are available to offer coaching in a variety of areas related to successful opioid use disorder treatment and MAT integration in a range of settings.

Manatt Health, together with CHCF, has also created an Opioid Safety Toolkit with helpful tools and tactics for health plans implementing opioid safety initiatives.

If you have questions about this catalog or would like additional information about any firms or consultants listed, please reach out to Challen Clarke.