Diffusion of Innovation in Health Care

This is archived content, for historical reference only.

Trying to change the pace at which new ideas about health care spread through the system is a priority of health care professionals. Such changes easily have major impacts on cost, quality, and patient satisfaction. This report describes the 10 critical dynamics that govern how new medical and information technologies are diffused in the health care industry. It is a practical guide for changing the pace of adoption and includes examples and quick tips.

The report presents the basics of innovation diffusion (the stages of adoption, including the typical “S” curve, and the types of individuals who adopt the innovation at different stages) and explores 10 critical dynamics of innovation diffusion, including relative advantage; trialability; observability; communications channels; homophilous groups; pace of innovation/reinvention; norms, roles, and social networks; opinion leaders; compatibility; and infrastructure.

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