Publications / CIN Connections, Fall 2018 — Closing the Divide

CIN Connections, Fall 2018 — Closing the Divide

Primary care and substance use disorder treatment

Ensuring that Californians have timely access to substance use disorder (SUD) treatment that is appropriately linked to their physical health care represents a huge challenge and opportunity for health leaders, providers, and care teams throughout the state.

This issue of CIN Connections features actionable information to better integrate primary care and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment:

  • Strategies for lowering costs while addressing substance use disorder head-on
  • Recommendations for treating SUD as a chronic disease
  • Lessons on creating a true continuum of care for behavioral health
  • Tips and tools for addressing behavioral health workforce challenges
  • Opportunities for learning and action

Language matters. A person struggling with addiction or a SUD is not an “addict,” “drug abuser,” or “user.” Drug tests should not result in “clean” and “dirty.”


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