Chronic Disease Registries: A Product Review

NAS Consulting Services


This is archived content, for historical reference only.

Chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes are placing a growing burden on the health care system in the United States. As a result, provider organizations are looking for strategies to effectively manage individuals and populations with one or more chronic diseases. One such strategy is implementing computerized disease registries, systems to capture and track key patient information that assists care team members in proactively managing patients with chronic diseases.

This report, prepared by NAS Consulting Services, helps physicians, medical groups, and other provider organizations considering the purchase or adoption of an electronic registry application make informed decisions about choosing a disease registry product. It provides an overview of stand-alone electronic registry products that were publicly and commercially available as of May 2004 and describes 16 of those products in detail. Important decision criteria are outlined to help providers choose the most appropriate product. The report also helps them narrow their choices and identify the best options by offering details on functionality strengths, weaknesses, and costs.

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For background information on disease registries, see CHCF’s recently published Using Computerized Registries in Chronic Disease Care, available through the link under Related CHCF Pages below. For more information about the Chronic Care Model, visit the ICIC Web site through the link below.