Landmark Health

Delivering high-quality, home-based medical care for Medicaid patients

Date Awarded: December 16, 2015
Amount: $900,000.00

CHCF invests in Landmark Health to support their efforts to tailor their innovative and proven model of lower-cost, quality clinical care for patients with multiple chronic conditions to California’s safety-net population. Medicaid patients with multiple chronic conditions are among the least well cared for among California’s safety-net population as well as the most expensive.

To address this challenge, CHCF has made an investment in Landmark Health, a private company that partners with health plans through a shared-risk model to deliver high-quality, home-based medical care to patients with multiple chronic conditions. Landmark has demonstrated success in improving access and quality of care for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries outside of California, and with CHCF support is now extending its high-touch medical model to Californians with low incomes covered by Medicaid.

The CHCF investment will support Landmark’s entry into California, which is beginning with its partnership with the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) serving members in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Through this partnership, IEHP will be tailoring its clinical services model to the needs of California’s safety-net population. CHCF will also perform an evaluation of Landmark Health’s efforts to improve the care of Medicaid beneficiaries with multiple chronic health issues.