CHCF Backs Innovative Medical Approach to Caring for Chronically Ill

Investment in Landmark to improve quality of care for clinically complex populations

Melissa Buckley

The California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) announced today a program-related investment in Landmark Health, a private company that partners with health plans to deliver high-quality, home-based medical care to patients with multiple chronic conditions. Landmark has demonstrated success in improving access and quality of care for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries outside of California and is now extending its high-touch medical model to Californians with low incomes covered by Medicaid.

“Medicaid patients with multiple chronic conditions are both the most expensive and least well cared for, and CHCF sees great opportunities to address both issues with the home-based intensive interventions approach being pioneered by Landmark Health,” said Melissa Buckley, director of the CHCF Innovation Fund. “California’s Medicaid managed care plans have strong financial and regulatory incentives to improve care for these members and they are looking for solutions.”

Landmark Health will begin working in California in partnership with the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), and will start seeing patients in early 2016. The CHCF investment will support Landmark’s entry into California and the company’s efforts to tailor its clinical services to the needs of this state’s safety-net population. CHCF will also perform an evaluation of Landmark Health’s success at improving the care of Medicaid beneficiaries with multiple chronic health issues.

“Landmark Health has a proven track record of designing and deploying highly effective clinical models for the most chronically ill, while reducing overall costs,” says Adam Boehler, CEO of Landmark. “Our providers partner with the local community to deliver responsive, home-based medical care, dramatically improving quality of life for medically vulnerable patients and for their families.” (See a video at

About Landmark Health

Landmark Health provides home-based medical, behavioral, and social care to individuals with multiple chronic conditions. Landmark’s physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners deliver house calls 24/7 and are supported by a team of interdisciplinary clinicians. Our team of mobile clinicians partners with the local provider community and serves as its 24/7 eyes and ears in the home.

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