Kiira Health

24/7 Health Support for Women

Date Awarded: November 2, 2021
Amount: $125,000.00

Kiira Health provides a virtual clinic for women based in Los Angeles. The platform features round-the-clock health support via chat, virtual doctor visits and prescriptions within 48 hours, and tips and advice from experts. Crystal Adesanya founded Kiira after facing a personal health emergency “caused by a lack of information and trying to self-diagnose with the internet.” Adesanya collaborated with ob/gyn Candice Fraser, MD, to create a trusted space for women to access medical advice.

To get started, patients set up an account, download the Kiira app for iOS or Android, select a doctor, and book their first appointment. The platform allows patients to:

  • Access medical doctors and nurse practitioners for their everyday needs
  • Connect to ob/gyns, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and other women’s health experts
  • Work with mental health providers, counselors, and psychiatrists with a range of specialties

Kiira is committed to diversity and inclusion and offers a network of multicultural providers that creates an inclusive space for all races, genders, and sexual identities. Learn more about Kiira Health.