CIN Discussion: Leading with Empathy — Organizational Strategies for Effective Leadership and Patient Care

Past Event
Thursday, November 5, 2020
Noon–1:00 PM (PT)

About This Event

Leading by example requires leaders themselves to practice the same respect and authenticity they expect of their staff when engaging patients.

The Empathic Inquiry approach, designed for conducting patient-centered social needs screenings, can also help professionals reframe organizational engagement with staff by focusing on respect, relationship building, and power sharing. This discussion considers the critical role of leadership in creating patient-centered systems, including reflecting on how leaders can support (or undermine) staff well-being, address the dynamics of power within an organization, and lead with vision through times of crisis.

This recorded CIN discussion with Ariel Singer, CHC transformation director at Oregon Primary Care Association, and Laurie Francis, executive director at Partnership Health Center, will teach viewers how the Empathic Inquiry approach applies to leaders and how leaders can embody and demonstrate the values of Empathic Inquiry to promote employee engagement in challenging times.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how Oregon Primary Care Association developed Empathic Inquiry and how it differs from business as usual.
  • Gain insights into how leaders can embody the values and principles of Empathic Inquiry.
  • Gain insights on organizational strategies that leaders can use to share power and to authentically partner with staff.



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