Californians have access to the best health care in the world. Yet on any given day, there can be a disappointing gap between the quality of care that has been advanced by modern medicine and the quality that the average patient receives. CHCF looks at the issues of quality, safety, and variation in managed care delivery.

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Best Practices in Assisted Living: Considering Potential Reforms for California

February 2014

While residents of California's assisted living facilities require more health care services than in the past, state regulations haven't kept pace. 

Knight News Challenge: Big Data on a Local Scale

January 2014

CHCF was a partner in the Knight Foundation's 2013 News Challenge to harness health data for use by policymakers at the local level.

Solutions Journalism Network Receives $122,500 Prize from CHCF

January 14, 2014

The Solutions Journalism Network will use a CHCF grant to focus the power of big data on solving local health care problems.

CalQualityCare.org: Smarter Choices Start Here

January 2014

This free website offers one-stop shopping for ratings and other information on California hospitals, medical groups, nursing homes, and other long term care facilities.

High-Value Care: Patient Scenarios Teach Doctors

January 2014

High-value, cost-conscious treatment is a new concept for many physicians. Online cases teach doctors how to weigh the potential benefits, risks, and costs of common tests and therapies.

Getting Lean: A Journey Toward Better Health Care

December 2013

This multimedia presentation shows how leaders from five California public hospital systems traveled the country to learn how to apply the Lean management model to improve patient care.

Briefing — Bringing Greater Transparency to Cancer Care in California

Held: October 30, 2013

Hear a review of the state of information about cancer care quality in California and possible paths to improve the status quo.

Cancer Care Transparency

October 2013

In keeping with CHCF's move to focus on more shoppable conditions and procedures, we are now turning our attention to cancer care.

Quality of Care: Steps in the Right Direction

October 2013

A wide array of measures indicates improvements in the delivery of health care in California, but serious racial and ethnic disparities persist.

California Maternal Data Center

August 2013

CHCF supports this effort to collect data, analyze it, and report on the quality of maternity care delivered throughout the state to improve care and inform treatment decisionmaking.

Measuring Up? End-of-Life Cancer Care in California

August 2013

In California, many who die of cancer receive more aggressive care at the end of life than in the rest of the country. Cancer treatment also varies widely from region to region and from hospital to hospital within the state.

A Clearer View: Humboldt Steps Out of the Fog of Medical Variation

May 2013

Following a 2011 CHCF study of geographic medical variation in California, leaders in Humboldt County came together to examine the causes of variation in their region. A multimedia story recounts what transpired.

All Over the Map: Elective Procedure Rates in California Vary Widely

May 2013

Updated in 2013 to include breast cancer, prostate cancer, and spine procedures, this CHCF-sponsored research shows that practice patterns vary dramatically from place to place.

Briefing — Closing the Gap: Ending Variation in End-of-Life Care in California

Held: May 8, 2013

Hear why variation in clinical care at the end-of-life matters, how patient preferences are often at odds with the care they get, and how new data might support the goals of the Let's Get Healthy California Task Force.

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