Californians have access to the best health care in the world. Yet on any given day, there can be a disappointing gap between the quality of care that has been advanced by modern medicine and the quality that the average patient receives. CHCF looks at the issues of quality, safety, and variation in managed care delivery.

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Briefing — Enabling the California Cancer Registry to Measure and Improve Care

November 14, 2014

Hear recommendations from an expert workgroup as to how the California Cancer Registry, the statewide population-based cancer surveillance system, could be used to measure, publicly report, and thereby improve the quality of care.

When the Data Talk, We Should Listen

October 2014

A CHCF Sacramento briefing on maternity care in California featured two key data points, one about reducing the rate of C-sections, the other on variation in who receives postpartum care.

Working in Concert: A How-To Guide to Reducing Unwarranted Variations in Care

September 2014

Patients should receive the appropriate level of care — no more and no less. But how is that sweet spot determined? This guide helps organizations get started on reducing unwarranted variations in care.

A Community System for Advancing Shared Decisionmaking

September 2014

All too often, treatment decisions regarding elective procedures and preference-sensitive conditions do not take into account patient preference. One community is aiming higher by creating a system to engage patients in shared decisionmaking.

Free the Data

August 2014

CHCF's Free the Data initiative seeks to develop new tools to access, analyze, and communicate health data in California.

Major Health Plans Invest in California Joint Replacement Registry

June 19, 2014

Blue Shield of California has committed to donate $300,000 over three years, health plan Cigna has pledged to donate $150,000 over three years, and Anthem Blue Cross has contributed $100,000 in 2014.

California Joint Replacement Registry

June 2014

Despite the high volume of hip and knee replacements, data on device efficacy, surgical technique, and patient outcomes are lacking. A statewide registry aims to fill the gaps.

Optimizing the Quality of In-Home Primary and Palliative Care

June 2014

Home-centered primary and palliative care programs serve seriously ill patients where they live. CHCF supports the creation of quality measures and reporting standards for this re-emerging model of care delivery.

Improving Patient Experience with Ambulatory Care

May 2014

Public health systems are increasingly focused on improving patients' experience of care. With support from CHCF, 15 clinics benchmarked their performance and tested new approaches aimed at doing better.

CalQualityCare.org: Smarter Choices Start Here

April 2014

This free website from CHCF offers one-stop shopping for ratings and other information on California hospitals, medical groups, nursing homes, and other long term care facilities.

Best Practices in Assisted Living: Considering Potential Reforms for California

February 2014

While residents of California's assisted living facilities require more health care services than in the past, state regulations haven't kept pace. 

Knight News Challenge: Big Data on a Local Scale

January 2014

CHCF was a partner in the Knight Foundation's 2013 News Challenge to harness health data for use by policymakers at the local level.

Solutions Journalism Network Receives $122,500 Prize from CHCF

January 14, 2014

The Solutions Journalism Network will use a CHCF grant to focus the power of big data on solving local health care problems.

High-Value Care: Patient Scenarios Teach Doctors

January 2014

High-value, cost-conscious treatment is a new concept for many physicians. Online cases teach doctors how to weigh the potential benefits, risks, and costs of common tests and therapies.

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