While federal reform will result in new customers, a shortage of providers could make absorbing the millions of formerly uninsured Americans a challenge. CHCF reports provide financial and utilization data on hospitals and health systems, community clinics, physicians, and long term care facilities.

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California Joint Replacement Registry

June 2014

Despite the high volume of hip and knee replacements, data on device efficacy, surgical technique, and patient outcomes are lacking. A statewide registry aims to fill the gaps.

CareInSync: Reducing Readmissions and Improving Care Transitions

June 2014

CHCF's Health Innovation Fund invested in CareInSync's mobile platform which enables care teams to collaborate on plans for patients transitioning between settings.

Who Regulates and Oversees Health Care Facilities in California?

May 2014

How is health care regulated in California? This tool shows how state agencies work to oversee the delivery of health care services and what information about oversight is available to the public.

Taking Inventory: A Framework for Understanding Health Care Regulation and Oversight in California

May 2014

How is health care regulated in California? Learn how state agencies oversee the delivery of medical services and what information is available to the public.

Looking Inward: Community Health Centers Focus on Staff to Improve Patient Experience

May 2014

Enhancing the patient experience in community health centers requires a fully engaged, supported, and empowered staff. The PEAC project produced strategies for lasting change.

Design Challenge: Putting Care in Context

May 2014

A new design challenge helps patients take an active role in recognizing, chronicling, and sharing information about hurdles in their lives that affect their health. Entries were due June 27.

Improving Patient Experience with Ambulatory Care

May 2014

Public health systems are increasingly focused on improving patients' experience of care. With support from CHCF, 15 clinics benchmarked their performance and tested new approaches aimed at doing better.

Webinar — Innovative Workforce Models: Expanding the Role of Medical Assistants

Held: April 23, 2014

Hear how 14 health care organizations approached expanding the roles of MAs to provide career enhancement opportunities while improving patient outcomes and organizational efficiency.

The California State University Institute for Palliative Care

April 2014

The CSU Institute for Palliative Care is training professionals who can help patients and families manage serious and chronic illnesses. See a video to learn more.

Pinpoint: Accountable Care Organizations in California

March 2014

Accountable care organizations are growing in number and importance on the national stage. In the ACO model doctors, hospitals, and others coordinate care to improve quality and cost-effectiveness.

Building Systems of Care in the Safety Net for High-Utilizing Patients

March 2014

CHCF has provided funding for nine safety-net clinics to join a learning collaborative focused on improving care and reducing costs for high-risk, high-cost patients with complex medical and social needs.

Controlling Blood Pressure Through Better Clinical Decision Support

March 2014

Clinical decision support tools alert providers when to screen for high blood pressure, identify opportunities to follow up with patients, and suggest treatment options. CHCF is supporting the development of standard configurations.

California Nurses: Taking the Pulse

March 2014

In 2012, 300,000 registered nurses made up the largest health profession in California. This overview of the nursing workforce looks at supply and demographics, education, distribution, and pay.

California's Health Care Workforce

March 2014

California's health care industry employed more than 1.3 million people in 2012. Five Almanac guides provide data on wages, education, and workplaces for selected health professions.

California Physicians: Surplus or Scarcity?

March 2014

California's physician population has grown over the past 20 years. This report describes the landscape for physician services, including supply, physician demographics, education, and compensation.

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