While federal reform will result in new customers, a shortage of providers could make absorbing the millions of formerly uninsured Americans a challenge. CHCF reports provide financial and utilization data on hospitals and health systems, community clinics, physicians, and long term care facilities.

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California Joint Replacement Registry

March 2015

Despite the high volume of hip and knee replacements, data on device efficacy, surgical technique, and patient outcomes are lacking. A statewide registry aims to fill the gaps.

Striking a Balance: Safety-Net Leaders Explore Solutions to the Prescription Painkiller Epidemic

March 2015

Overuse of prescription opioids has led to high rates of addiction and even death. Health care leaders discussed how to manage the use of high-dose opioids in the safety net.

Educating Prescribers About Naloxone to Prevent Opioid Deaths

March 2015

A pilot project aims to prevent prescription painkiller overdoses by educating prescribers about Naloxone — a drug that counters the effects of opioids and saves lives.

Finding a Match: How Successful Complex Care Programs Identify Patients

March 2015

Complex care management programs can help patients while minimizing unnecessary cost — but only if matched with the patients most likely to benefit from these services.

Strategies for Hiring and Training Care Managers in Integrated Programs Serving Medicare-Medicaid Beneficiaries

February 2015

Health plans rely on care coordinators and case managers to meet the social and medical needs of patients with complex conditions. Learn how plans invest in training to keep staff in these roles committed and sharp.

The Lean Way: How California Public Hospitals Are Embedding a Culture of Improvement

February 2015

Five California public hospitals are integrating Lean management techniques at every level to improve performance. Case studies highlight their progress and lessons learned.

It Takes a Community to Train New Docs

January 2015

Although the community is where most future doctors will spend their careers, most new physicians continue to train in hospitals. We need a better approach.

Controlling Blood Pressure Through Better Clinical Decision Support

January 2015

Clinical decision support tools alert providers to screen patients for high blood pressure, find opportunities for follow up, and suggest treatment options. A CHCF-supported collaborative developed tools to speed adoption of CDS for hypertension.

The Patient Experience Action Community

January 2015

Delivering an exceptional patient experience can boost quality, safety, and performance. CHCF funded eight community clinics to elevate the patient experience.

Request for Applications — Safety Net Analytics Program (SNAP)

December 2014

The new Safety Net Analytics Program will teach clinic leaders how to mine the data in EHRs to improve patient care. Applications were due September 22.

A Tale of Two Births: High- and Low-Performing Hospitals on Maternity Measures in California

November 2014

Expectant mothers can have different delivery experiences depending on the hospital. Where are California's high- and low-performing hospitals on maternity measures?

Design Challenge: Putting Care in Context

August 2014

A CHCF design challenge sought solutions to help patients take an active role in recognizing, chronicling, and sharing information about hurdles in their lives that affect their health.

Physician Participation in Medi-Cal: Ready for the Enrollment Boom?

August 2014

Will California physicians be able to handle the Medi-Cal population surge? This report looks at physician participation in Medi-Cal and its implications for access to care.

CareInSync: Reducing Readmissions and Improving Care Transitions

June 2014

CHCF's Health Innovation Fund invested in CareInSync's mobile platform which enables care teams to collaborate on plans for patients transitioning between settings.

Who Regulates and Oversees Health Care Facilities in California?

May 2014

How is health care regulated in California? This tool shows how state agencies work to oversee the delivery of health care services and what information about oversight is available to the public.

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