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CHCF efforts around health policy and reform seek to analyze policy developments and market trends to inform or guide decision-makers to expand access to affordable care and coverage. Projects include efforts to develop independent analyses of pending legislation and provide publications and briefings that report on market trends and policy developments.

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Better Shop Around: Out-of-Pocket Prescription Drug Costs in Covered California Plans

May 2015

Consumers with chronic diseases face challenging trade-offs when choosing health coverage, especially when it comes to out-of-pocket drug costs. We offer five examples.

Two More Years: What Does Continued CHIP Funding Mean for California?

May 2015

The Children's Health Insurance Program has two more years of federal funding thanks to recent legislation. What does this mean for California?

Free the Data

February 2015

CHCF's Free the Data initiative seeks to develop new tools to access, analyze, and communicate health data in California.

Our Friend, Peter Harbage

February 2015

The California health policy community lost a dear friend and wonderful colleague on February 3. Peter Harbage, a health reformer in California government and on the national stage, leaves an indelible imprint on state and federal health policy.

On the Path to Enrollment: Getting Californians Covered Under the ACA

November 2014

Applying for health insurance under the ACA is a challenge. Help is standing by for Californians trying to navigate their way to enrollment.

ACA Open Enrollment, Act II

November 2014

In three days, the curtain will rise on the second annual open enrollment period for Affordable Care Act health plans. Is Covered California ready?

Estate Recovery Under Medi-Cal

September 2014

California can attempt to recoup certain Medi-Cal costs after an enrollee's death. Learn who could be subject to estate recovery and under what circumstances.

Who Regulates and Oversees Health Care Facilities in California?

May 2014

How is health care regulated in California? This tool shows how state agencies work to oversee the delivery of health care services and what information about oversight is available to the public.

Taking Inventory: A Framework for Understanding Health Care Regulation and Oversight in California

May 2014

How is health care regulated in California? Learn how state agencies oversee the delivery of medical services and what information is available to the public.

California and Its Counties Under the ACA: A Leadership Framework

May 2014

California's state-county partnership for health care is shifting under the ACA. This framework provides policymakers and stakeholders a way to understand the changes.

Small Employer Coverage Under the ACA: California vs. Federal Provisions

April 2014

Health insurance products under the ACA are subject to federal and state regulation. This table compares the rules applicable to small employer groups.

In Their Own Words: Consumers' and Enrollment Counselors' Experiences with Covered California

April 2014

How did consumers fare when signing up for ACA coverage in California? Early research shows a mixed bag.

Benefit and Coverage Rules Under the ACA: California vs. Federal Provisions

March 2014

Health insurance products under the ACA are subject to federal and state regulation. This table compares the rules for essential benefits, levels of coverage, and cost sharing.

Beyond Meaningful Use: Perspectives on HIT Progress in California

January 2014

Is the goal line in site for California? Experts and stakeholders measure the distance to achieving widespread use of HIT.

Health Reform in Translation

January 2014

A series of fact sheets and infographics demystify technical topics that are central to understanding the implementation of health reform in California.

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