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CHCF efforts around health policy and reform seek to analyze policy developments and market trends to inform or guide decision-makers to expand access to affordable care and coverage. Projects include efforts to develop independent analyses of pending legislation and provide publications and briefings that report on market trends and policy developments.

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Small Employer Coverage Under the ACA: California vs. Federal Provisions

April 2014

Health insurance products under the ACA are subject to federal and state regulation. This table compares the rules applicable to small employer groups.

In Their Own Words: Consumers' and Enrollment Counselors' Experiences with Covered California

April 2014

How did consumers fare when signing up for ACA coverage in California? Early research shows a mixed bag.

Benefit and Coverage Rules Under the ACA: California vs. Federal Provisions

March 2014

Health insurance products under the ACA are subject to federal and state regulation. This table compares the rules for essential benefits, levels of coverage, and cost sharing.

Beyond Meaningful Use: Perspectives on HIT Progress in California

January 2014

Is the goal line in site for California? Experts and stakeholders measure the distance to achieving widespread use of HIT.

Health Reform in Translation

January 2014

A series of fact sheets and infographics demystify technical topics that are central to understanding the implementation of health reform in California.

Monitoring Performance: A Dashboard of Medi-Cal Managed Care

December 2013

This first publicly reported dashboard of Medi-Cal managed care shows areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Individual Coverage Under the ACA: California vs. Federal Provisions

December 2013

The marketplace for Californians buying individual health coverage after January 1, 2014, will be affected by both federal and state laws and regulations. This side-by-side comparison table gives an overview of their similarities and differences.

On the Path to Enrollment: Getting Californians Covered Under the ACA

October 2013

Applying for health insurance under the ACA is a challenge. Help is standing by for Californians trying to navigate their way to enrollment.

Rights and Requirements: A Guide to Privacy and Security of Health Information in California

October 2013

Protecting patients' personal health information is key. This report describes the matrix of federal and California laws that protect their information and address any breaches.

Arranged Marriages: The Evolution of ACO Partnerships in California

September 2013

Accountable care organizations are springing up across California in an effort to reduce costs and improve care. How have ACO contracting arrangements evolved regionally?

Community Paramedicine: A Promising Model for Integrating Emergency and Primary Care

July 2013

Can paramedics improve the efficiency of emergency resources and enhance access to primary care for the medically underserved through a new model of care, called "community paramedicine"?

Pinpoint: Innovation Center Grantees in California

April 2013

This map of grantees shows the breadth of Innovation Center investments in California working to test innovative payment and care delivery models to reduce costs and maintain or improve quality of care for recipients of Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP.

Briefing — Data Match: Streamlining Eligibility and Enrollment Under the Affordable Care Act

Held: January 30, 2013

Learn about how the state might streamline eligibility determination for Covered California and Medi-Cal using data matching under the Affordable Care Act.

A Bridge to Reform: California's Medicaid Section 1115 Waiver

October 2012

In 2010, California began gearing up for health reform by launching major changes to Medi-Cal and care for the uninsured. A midpoint analysis sheds light on accomplishments and lessons learned.

Monitoring the Impacts of the Affordable Care Act in California: Stakeholder Input and Priorities

August 2012

CHCF is guiding an effort to monitor the effects of the ACA on California. Valuable feedback from stakeholders suggested data and metrics for tracking progress.

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