Insurance & the Uninsured

Health insurance is the primary financial vehicle for obtaining access to quality medical care and for reimbursing providers who deliver care. Yet almost one in five Californians is uninsured, a number that will shrink with the implementation of federal health reform. CHCF reports analyze trends in employer-sponsored coverage as well as public programs and the uninsured.

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On the Path to Enrollment: Getting Californians Covered Under the ACA

November 2014

Applying for health insurance under the ACA is a challenge. Help is standing by for Californians trying to navigate their way to enrollment.

Estate Recovery Under Medi-Cal

September 2014

California can attempt to recoup certain Medi-Cal costs after an enrollee's death. Learn who could be subject to estate recovery and under what circumstances.

Survey on Mental Health Care: Californian Attitudes and Awareness

September 2014

A CHCF-sponsored Field Poll finds that most Californians think mental health treatment can improve lives, yet three in ten don't know if their health plans cover such care.

Pathway to Enrollment: A Virtual Tour of Covered California's Online Application

September 2014

An interactive infographic gives a behind-the-scenes look at the online application process for Covered California and how different individuals and families experience it.

Physician Participation in Medi-Cal: Ready for the Enrollment Boom?

August 2014

Will California physicians be able to handle the Medi-Cal population surge? This report looks at physician participation in Medi-Cal and its implications for access to care.

Premium Rates in California's Individual Market, 2011-2014

July 2014

A CHCF compilation of 2011-2014 premium rates for individual health insurance policies outside of Covered California finds many plans' annual increases hovered around 10%.

Health Care Costs 101

July 2014

The picture of US health spending in 2012 was restrained. It marks the fourth straight year of historically low growth — only 3.7% — and no increase in health care's share of the economy. Online User Experiences

June 2014

How are insurance shoppers outside California faring with the federal website? Direct observation of online enrollees shows ways the marketplace can be improved.

Patients and Providers Speak: Early Care Experiences Under the ACA

June 2014

How successful is the ACA for Californians who seek and provide care? This study offers early experiences of consumers and clinical organizations in the state.

Webinar — Assessing the Covered California Online User Experience

Held: May 15, 2014

Hear about a study of the Covered California online user experience during the first open enrollment period under the ACA.

Assessing the Covered California Online User Experience

May 2014

How are insurance shoppers faring with Covered California's website? Research reveals roadblocks and wrong turns but also ways for improving the marketplace.

Monitoring Access: Measures to Ensure Medi-Cal Enrollees Get the Care They Need

May 2014

Two health policy experts offer an actionable framework and a targeted set of measures for monitoring access to ambulatory care for Medi-Cal enrollees.

In Transition: Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Reflect on Their Move to Medi-Cal Managed Care

April 2014

In 2011, seniors and people with disabilities in 16 counties were moved from fee-for-service Medi-Cal to managed care. Most were satisfied.

Small Employer Coverage Under the ACA: California vs. Federal Provisions

April 2014

Health insurance products under the ACA are subject to federal and state regulation. This table compares the rules applicable to small employer groups.

In Their Own Words: Consumers' and Enrollment Counselors' Experiences with Covered California

April 2014

How did consumers fare when signing up for ACA coverage in California? Early research shows a mixed bag.

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