Insurance & the Uninsured

Health insurance is the primary financial vehicle for obtaining access to quality medical care and for reimbursing providers who deliver care. Yet almost one in five Californians is uninsured, a number that will shrink with the implementation of federal health reform. CHCF reports analyze trends in employer-sponsored coverage as well as public programs and the uninsured.

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Briefing — The Medi-Cal Waiver: Perspectives on Promoting Health System Improvement in California

June 11, 2015

Hear experts discuss how waivers are being used to promote system improvement, delve into California's experiences with and lessons from the current waiver, and explore opportunities in the latest waiver renewal application.

Enrollment in Individual Health Plans Up 47% in 2014

May 2015

In California, coverage in the individual market expanded in historic proportions in the first year of the ACA. Group coverage shrank, but the overall size of the employer-sponsored health insurance market remains to be seen.

Extended Federal CHIP Funding: A Windfall for California, But Use It Wisely

May 2015

The Children's Health Insurance Program extension provides an important opportunity to improve health care for children, but the news is not all good.

Better Shop Around: Out-of-Pocket Prescription Drug Costs in Covered California Plans

May 2015

Consumers with chronic diseases face challenging trade-offs when choosing health coverage, especially when it comes to out-of-pocket drug costs. We offer five examples.

Why Cancer Patients and Clinicians Need a Decision Aid Upgrade

May 2015

A new CHCF-sponsored challenge encourages designers to turn an existing decision aid into a roadmap to help patients recognize risks and benefits when deciding among different treatment options.

California Employer Health Benefits: Rising Costs, Shrinking Coverage

April 2015

Millions of Californians with workplace-sponsored health plans are paying higher premiums and deductibles in return for reduced benefits, a survey shows.

Just Married: Health Insurance and Taxes

April 2015

Two things that many people would rather not deal with — taxes and health insurance — are appearing together this tax season thanks to the ACA.

Survey Says: Californians' Perspectives on Health Care

March 2015

Are Californians getting the care they need? This survey shows that some groups are having a more difficult time accessing care than others.

Covered California Looks at Specialty Drug Costs for Consumers

March 2015

With its second annual open enrollment campaign completed, Covered California is now turning its attention to some of the complicated, critical issues around benefit design.

On the Frontier: Medi-Cal Brings Managed Care to California's Rural Counties

March 2015

Medi-Cal recently introduced managed care in 28 rural counties. How is the implementation going and which issues need tracking to ensure a successful transition?

Data Symposium on High Utilizers of Medi-Cal Services

Held: March 4, 2015

Hear about new research by state officials and university partners on the characteristics, health care usage, and costs associated with Medi-Cal's high-cost populations, as well as research emerging from Washington state.

The Private Insurance Market in California, 2013

February 2015

More than half of Californians get their health insurance through private carriers. This infographic shows how the largest plans stack up in terms of enrollment and revenue.

California Health Insurers: Brink of Change

February 2015

California's insurance market is set to undergo enormous changes as health reform takes full effect and millions become eligible for public insurance or private subsidies.

Medical Loss Ratio Resources

February 2015

The medical loss ratio (MLR) is the percent of premium that health insurers spend on medical care and quality improvement activities. Three documents discuss the MLR and how it is used.

California Eligibility and Enrollment Report: Insurance Affordability Programs

February 2015

A mandatory report to the California legislature provides an official reckoning of how many residents have gained health insurance and through which pathways.

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