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Delivering Care Anytime, Anywhere: Telehealth Alters the Medical Ecosystem

November 2008

From remote patient monitoring to virtual house calls, telehealth is bringing high-quality medical care across great distances in an instant. This report looks at the challenges and forces that are influencing the widening use of telehealth.

Getting Connected: The Outlook for Electronic Prescribing in California

November 2008

This issue brief assesses the progress of electronic prescribing technology in California and examines how greater coordination between providers, health plans, and pharmacies could help overcome persistent barriers to adoption.

Right Here Right Now: Ten Telehealth Pioneers Make It Work

November 2008

Distance is no object for 10 innovators using practical telehealth applications to bring medical care, second opinions, medical education, and expert advice wherever it is needed — instantly.

Fostering Adoption of E-Prescribing in California

November 2008

E-prescribing holds the potential to improve medical care, save lives, and save money. Learn about CHCF initiatives to promote adoption of e-prescribing and a plan to systematically increase e-prescribing utilization.

Bridging the Care Gap: Using Web Technology for Patient Referrals

September 2008

This report describes eight software systems that allow health care providers to process patient referrals using web-based tools rather than the error-prone use of paper forms, telephone calls, and faxes. Four case studies are included.

Adoption of Patient Tracking Systems among Hospital Emergency Rooms in California

July 2008

This issue brief presents the results of a survey that finds that most California hospitals are using emergency department tracking systems, but with varying levels of satisfaction and success.

Telemedicine in California: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities

July 2008

This report examines the evolution of telemedicine in California and identifies the technological, financial, regulatory, and user-related hurdles that may be stifling further progress.

Helping Patients Plug In: Lessons in the Adoption of Online Consumer Tools

June 2008

Surveys suggest that three out of four patients want some sort of online connection with their medical providers. This report examines how patient-oriented HIT is evolving by looking at clinical settings in five regions, including California.

Enrollment Modernization: Changing the Culture, Organization, and Structure of Health Program Enrollment

May 2008

At a recent technology conference, CHCF Vice President of Programs Sam Karp delivered the keynote address on the major obstacles to enrollment modernization, the roles technology can and cannot play, and key lessons learned in California.

Creating EHR Networks in the Safety Net

April 2008

This issue brief explores the network approach to the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) and its potential to increase EHR adoption rates among California's community clinics and health centers.

A Delicate Balance: Behavioral Health, Patient Privacy, and the Need to Know

March 2008

This issue brief explores the laws governing health information privacy as they relate to mental health and substance abuse treatment, and presents three scenarios illustrating the challenges in finding the right balance of privacy and disclosure.

Electronic Health Records versus Chronic Disease Management Systems: A Quick Comparison

March 2008

This fact sheet compares the key features of these essential health IT systems and examines the pros and cons of different approaches for a new implementation. A video discusses disease registry tools.

Whose Data Is It Anyway? Expanding Consumer Control over Personal Health Information

February 2008

This publication explores the technological and legal landscape governing personal health information, as well as key issues that must be addressed for consumers to have an appropriate level of control over their own health records.

Gauging the Progress of the National Health Information Technology Initiative: Perspectives from the Field

January 2008

This report presents the results of interviews with health information technology leaders to determine how much progress has been made toward former president Bush's goal of providing electronic health records for most Americans by 2014.

Open-Source EHR Systems for Ambulatory Care: A Market Assessment

January 2008

This executive summary provides a market assessment of ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) systems that are available under open-source licensing and evaluates their comparative advantages and limitations in clinical settings.

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