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Whose Data Is It Anyway? Expanding Consumer Control over Personal Health Information

February 2008

This publication explores the technological and legal landscape governing personal health information, as well as key issues that must be addressed for consumers to have an appropriate level of control over their own health records.

Gauging the Progress of the National Health Information Technology Initiative: Perspectives from the Field

January 2008

This report presents the results of interviews with health information technology leaders to determine how much progress has been made toward former president Bush's goal of providing electronic health records for most Americans by 2014.

Open-Source EHR Systems for Ambulatory Care: A Market Assessment

January 2008

This executive summary provides a market assessment of ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) systems that are available under open-source licensing and evaluates their comparative advantages and limitations in clinical settings.

Best Practices for Employers Offering Personal Health Records (PHRs)

December 2007

These best practices are intended to serve as aspirational guidelines for employers, not a one-size-fits-all solution, as companies develop and implement their own PHR-related policies and practices.

EHR Selection Toolkit for Community Health Centers

October 2007

Safety-net clinics must take federal and state licensure and funding requirements into acount when selecting EHR systems. This toolkit will help clinics discuss their practice management and electronic medical record requirements with vendors.

CHCF VP Karp Testifies on Health IT Data Standards Adoption

September 2007

This is a summary of CHCF VP of Programs Sam Karp's testimony on the slow pace of adoption and implementation of uniform data standards by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

Modernizing Enrollment in California's Health Programs for Pregnant Women and Children: A Blueprint for the Future

September 2007

California's programs that serve low-income children and pregnant women have grown with its population. This report provides policymakers a blueprint for modernizing enrollment and retention in public programs.

The Santa Barbara County Care Data Exchange: What Happened?

August 2007

This Health Affairs article by Miller and Miller evaluates the factors leading to the closure of the eight-year-old RHIO in Santa Barbara County. Plus perspectives by Brailer, Frohlich et al., Holmquest, and Overhage.

The Santa Barbara County Care Data Exchange: Lessons Learned

August 2007

This report provides a comprehensive, independent evaluation of the factors leading to the closure of the eight-year-old RHIO in Santa Barbara.

Leveraging Investments and Sharing Knowledge: Open Source Offerings

June 2007

Making RHIO software available as an "open source offering" can help accelerate the benefits of clinical information-sharing by reducing costs, using common standards, and involving participants to make improvements.

Privacy, Security, and the Regional Health Information Organization

June 2007

This report examines key privacy and security issues that regional health information organizations may encounter and the policies and practices they adopt to manage those issues.

Perspectives on the Future of Personal Health Records

June 2007

This report assesses the promises, perils, and challenges of personal health records and the impact they could have in the coming years based on the perspectives of leading experts in the field.

Santa Barbara County Care Data Exchange

April 2007

This project helped to focus national attention on the value of health information exchange and pioneered a variety of innovative approaches over its nearly nine-year run. Although the exchange is not operational, RHIO development efforts will benefit from the lessons learned.

Health Information Technology: Are Long Term Care Providers Ready?

April 2007

This report explores the readiness for health information technology (HIT) from the perspective of long term care providers: nursing facilities, residential care facilities, and community-based service providers.

Designing a Consumer-Centered Personal Health Record

March 2007

The Breast Care Center at UCSF designed an application build a customized care plan for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Such patient-centered PHRs may remind a patient to take medications, provide tailored decision prompts to help people understand and adhere to treatment regimens, or transmit data to providers.

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