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Information technology is still fairly new and untested in health care, making experimentation, analysis and evaluation critically important. CHCF regularly conducts research and commissions surveys and reports on emerging technology trends and related policy and regulatory issues. Below are related publications.

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Capturing Social and Behavioral Domains in Electronic Health Records

April 2014

Social and behavioral factors — such as exposure to violence or tobacco — affect health. An IOM report looks at how these data might be captured in EHRs and used in clinical care.

ELINCS: The National Lab Data Standard for Electronic Health Records

March 2014

The EHR-Lab Interoperability and Connectivity Specification (ELINCS) standardizes the formatting and coding of electronic messages exchanged between clinical laboratories and ambulatory EHRs. Adopting clinical data standards such as ELINCS helps health care providers deliver the right care by making information available at the right time.

EHR Usability Style Guide

March 2014

Common visual cues, like the speedometer in a car, simplify complicated machines. To ease the electronic health record (EHR) learning curve, CHCF has invested in the development of a common interface style guide.

Testing Health Information Exchange via DIRECT Messaging

March 2014

Electronic health records (EHRs) offer many benefits, but security firewalls make sharing information digitally with outside providers nearly impossible. Learn about a pilot that is aiming to change this.

Pilot of the Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances

March 2014

Providers are now allowed to prescribe controlled substances electronically, but few do. CHCF sought to understand the challenges and barriers to doing so.

Ten Years In: Charting the Progress of Health Information Exchange in the US

February 2014

Health information exchanges are 10 years old. A new report focuses on how well they have performed and where they are heading.

Early Evidence, Future Promise of Connected Health

February 2014

Three articles in the February issue of Health Affairs examine the benefits and challenges presented by telehealth and how to prepare for Medicaid expansion.

Beyond Meaningful Use: Perspectives on HIT Progress in California

January 2014

Is the goal line in site for California? Experts and stakeholders measure the distance to achieving widespread use of HIT.

Emerging Best Practices for Tele-ICU Care

January 2014

Many rural areas of California lack local intensive care units to accommodate critically ill patients. Using remote technology, ICU specialists can monitor, consult, and care for these patients from afar.

Health Information Technology in California: Milestones and Miles to Go

November 2013

On the road to health IT adoption and use, California physicians, hospitals, and community health centers have made progress since 2005. Also read consumer perspectives on the topic.

Rights and Requirements: A Guide to Privacy and Security of Health Information in California

October 2013

Protecting patients' personal health information is key. This report describes the matrix of federal and California laws that protect their information and address any breaches.

iHealthBeat News Digest

September 2013

iHealthBeat is a free, daily, multimedia news service that provides health care professionals and decisionmakers with timely information about the impact of technology on health care.

Calculating Return on Investment for Remote Patient Monitoring Programs

August 2013

Remote patient monitoring devices can lead to fewer office visits and better health outcomes. But gauging their value relative to cost has been difficult, until now.

Specialty Care Safety Net Initiative (SCSNI)

August 2013

Using telemedicine, specialists at the five University of California Medical Centers provided over 2,000 consults for low-income and uninsured patients at 43 clinic sites.

Center for Connected Health Policy

March 2013

Changes in policy and reimbursement are often necessary to move innovations from pilot to practice. The Center for Connected Health Policy is focused on identifying policy barriers and developing responsive solutions related to telehealth.

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