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California’s health delivery landscape is filled with contrasts. The state hosts some of the most prestigious hospitals and health practitioners in the country; yet, it has one of the largest uninsured populations. Managed care penetration is high, but acrimony between the public, the industry, and legislators is growing. CHCF presents an objective analysis of issues and trends.

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Symposium: Using Data to Improve Maternity Care in California

June 19 to June 20, 2014

Join leading researchers and practitioners in maternity health care to examine research priorities and to explore ways Medi-Cal data can be leveraged to develop opportunities for improving maternal health care.

The California State University Institute for Palliative Care

April 2014

The CSU Institute for Palliative Care is training professionals who can help patients and families manage serious and chronic illnesses. See a video to learn more.

Palliative Care in Oncology: A Learning Collaborative

April 2014

Oncologists are increasingly aware of the benefits of palliative care, but starting a program can be a challenge. CHCF is funding five California practices to join a national learning collaborative that will pave the way.

Advance Care Planning Takes Root: Best Practices from Four California Communities

April 2014

Community involvement is key to increasing the prevalence of advance health care planning. Four California coalitions share how they do it.

Expanding the Universal Medication Schedule: A Patient-Centered Approach

March 2014

Clear labeling of prescription pill bottles promotes adherence and safety. This CHCF-funded report has recommendations for other self-administered drugs.

Webinar — Partnering to Combat Depression

Held: March 26, 2014

Hear how community engagement improves depression treatment and the potential benefits of the ACA on mental health care access and coverage.

Request for Applications: Building Systems of Care in the Safety Net for High-Utilizing Patients

March 2014

CHCF has provided funding for nine safety-net clinics to join a learning collaborative focused on improving care and reducing costs for high-risk, high-cost patients with complex medical and social needs.

CareInSync: Reducing Readmissions and Improving Care Transitions

March 2014

CHCF's Health Innovation Fund invests in CareInSync's mobile platform that enables care teams to collaborate on plans for patients transitioning between settings.

Controlling Blood Pressure Through Better Clinical Decision Support

March 2014

Clinical decision support tools alert providers when to screen for high blood pressure, identify opportunities to follow up with patients, and suggest treatment options. CHCF is supporting the development of standard configurations.

SIRUM: Supporting Initiatives to Redistribute Unused Medicine

March 2014

CHCF invests in SIRUM, a committed group of social entrepreneurs who run an application that matches safety-net clinics in need of drugs with medical facilities that have them to donate.

Partnering for Impact: Engaging Entrepreneurs in the Future of Community Health Centers

March 2014

CHCF and The Kresge Foundation join forces in a multimillion-dollar investment initiative to focus health care entrepreneurs on the needs of community health centers.

Webinar — Health Homes: Perspectives from the Leaders

Held: February 26, 2014

Learn how states are implementing health home programs under ACA to improve care coordination and benefit from enhanced federal matching dollars to cover these services.

Workshop — ABCs of Quality Improvement

Held: February 13, 2014

This one-day workshop allows participants time with their teams to develop the aims, measures, and data collection plan for their QI projects.

Best Practices in Assisted Living: Considering Potential Reforms for California

February 2014

While residents of California's assisted living facilities require more health care services than in the past, state regulations haven't kept pace. 

Webinar — Reducing Waste with High-Value Care

Held: January 22, 2014

Learn about an online series of interactive cases that highlight how to balance the clinical benefits, potential risks, and costs of medical interventions.

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