Care Delivery

California’s health delivery landscape is filled with contrasts. The state hosts some of the most prestigious hospitals and health practitioners in the country; yet, it has one of the largest uninsured populations. Managed care penetration is high, but acrimony between the public, the industry, and legislators is growing. CHCF presents an objective analysis of issues and trends.

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Request for Applications: Community Screening of "Being Mortal"

June 2015

California communities will host screenings and discussions of FRONTLINE's "Being Mortal" with Atul Gawande, which shares the experiences of patients and families at the end of life.

On a Mission: Investing for US Health Impact in 2014

June 2015

Mission investing, which aims to generate both social and financial returns, is gaining attention in philanthropic and investment circles. A survey of health-related mission investors shows how it's being done.

Nursing 2.0: Improving Care Through Technology

June 2015

Emerging technologies are revolutionizing nursing. This series looks at how different innovations are being adopted by health care organizations to help nurses do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. 

Opioid Overuse Webinar Series

Held: June 4, 2015

The misuse of prescription painkillers (opioids) is a significant public health problem. Three webinars offer help to clinics, plans, and residency programs.

Partnering for Palliative Care in California

June 2015

Without a sustainable payment model, the potential of palliative care to address essential patient needs cannot be realized.

Innovation Webinar: Technology to Help Patients Make Lifestyle Changes

Held: June 2, 2015

Hear about an online platform that enables patients who have pre-diabetes to meet in virtual small groups and receive coaching on self-management skills and lifestyle changes.

Reducing the Complexity of Complex Chronic Conditions

May 2015

Just 5% of the population accounts for 50% of medical spending. What does it mean to provide high-value care to patients with complex chronic conditions?

Why Cancer Patients and Clinicians Need a Decision Aid Upgrade

May 2015

A new CHCF-sponsored challenge encourages designers to turn an existing decision aid into a roadmap to help patients recognize risks and benefits when deciding among different treatment options.

Information in a Heartbeat: Readiness Assessment for Establishing a POLST Registry in California

April 2015

Documented medical wishes can only inform care if they are known. We look at the landscape for adoption of a POLST registry in California and successful registries in other states.

Innovation Webinar: Improving Efficiency and Quality Through Automation

Held: April 27, 2015

Learn how health care providers are using Swoop to manage routine prescription refill requests.

Training for Motivational Interviewing

Held: April 24, 2015

Motivational interviewing is a method used to engage with patients to uncover a patient's intrinsic motivation to change behavior.

Californians with the Top Chronic Conditions: 11 Million and Counting

April 2015

Chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease are taking a toll on our state. This Almanac report looks at how five major diseases affect Californians.

Perceptions of the Appropriateness of Care in California Adult Intensive Care Units

April 2015

Researchers have found that patients often receive treatment in the ICU that neither matches their preferences nor is likely to benefit them.

California Maternal Data Center

April 2015

CHCF supports this effort to collect data, analyze it, and report on the quality of maternity care delivered throughout the state to improve care and inform treatment decisionmaking.

Design Challenge: Decision Aid Upgrade

April 2015

CHCF challenges human-centered designers to create a better presentation of treatment and supportive care options for late-stage lung cancer. Entries were due May 29.

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