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California’s health delivery landscape is filled with contrasts. The state hosts some of the most prestigious hospitals and health practitioners in the country; yet, it has one of the largest uninsured populations. Managed care penetration is high, but acrimony between the public, the industry, and legislators is growing. CHCF presents an objective analysis of issues and trends.

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Regional Meeting: Improving Care for Patients with Complex Needs (Los Angeles)

Held: January 29, 2015

This regional meeting is geared toward small teams leading efforts to improve care for patients with complex care needs.

CHCF Invests in Seamless Medical Systems

January 20, 2015

CHCF invests in Seamless Medical Systems, whose software enables patients to enter demographics, clinical history, and more on an iPad, eliminating most paper forms.

Controlling Blood Pressure Through Better Clinical Decision Support

January 2015

Clinical decision support tools alert providers to screen patients for high blood pressure, find opportunities for follow up, and suggest treatment options. A CHCF-supported collaborative developed tools to speed adoption of CDS for hypertension.

The Patient Experience Action Community

January 2015

Delivering an exceptional patient experience can boost quality, safety, and performance. CHCF funded eight community clinics to elevate the patient experience.

Optimizing the Quality of In-Home Primary and Palliative Care

January 2015

In-home primary and palliative care serves seriously ill patients where they live. CHCF supports quality measures and reporting standards for the re-emerging house call.

Payer-Provider Partnerships to Expand Community-Based Palliative Care

December 2014

CHCF is funding pairs of payers and providers to develop novel plans for how to deliver and reimburse high-quality, community-based palliative care to patients with serious illness.

Advance Care Planning: Consumer Resources

December 2014

How to spur people to talk about their preferences for care when faced with a serious illness? Dr. Angelo Volandes discusses his powerful videos that help patients understand their options.

A Holiday Gift: Peace of Mind

December 2014

Culturally appropriate education on the advantages of advance care planning, palliative care, and hospice services is spreading to ethnic communities.

Briefing — Exploring the Need for a POLST Registry in California

Held: December 3, 2014

Hear about Oregon's successful implementation and the benefits and options for California to create a registry for POLST forms, which communicate patient preferences for treatment.

A Tale of Two Births: High- and Low-Performing Hospitals on Maternity Measures in California

November 2014

Expectant mothers can have different delivery experiences depending on the hospital. Where are California's high- and low-performing hospitals on maternity measures?

Quality of Care: Signals of Change

November 2014

Over the last few years, the quality of health care in California has improved on a number of measures. However, significant racial and ethnic disparities persist in some areas.

Gather Round: Understanding How Culture Frames End-of-Life Choices for Patients and Families

November 2014

When the end of life is near, patients and their families make care decisions that express their culture and values. This research, based on in-depth interviews with families, offers insights for health care providers.

Webinar — Huddles and Case Conferences to Coordinate Complex Care

Held: October 29, 2014

Something as simple as a meeting can help improve a patient's care and health outcomes, especially for those with complex needs.

Briefing — Monitoring Access to Care for Medi-Cal Enrollees in a Time of Change

Held: October 16, 2014

Hear about new research on Medi-Cal enrollees' access to care prior to implementation of the ACA. The findings serve as an important baseline that enables policymakers and the public to monitor access to care for low-income Californians. 

Palliative Care Action Community

October 2014

CHCF made grants to establish a one-year collaborative to share approaches and lessons learned regarding community-based palliative care.

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