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Grantee Resources

Grantees can get the guidelines for narrative reports and financial reports, the CHCF style sheet, and expense report forms.

This page provides guidelines on the reports required as a condition of California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) grants and contracts. Please refer to the grant or contract agreement for specific requirements and submission deadlines.

All reports should be submitted online through CHCF's EasyGrants system.

It is the grantee's responsibility to notify CHCF about any delays in reporting. If the delay changes the end date of the project, a no-cost extension must be requested.

The specific tools discussed below are:

Read below to see how and when to use these resources. If you have a question that is not addressed below, contact CHCF Grants Administration.

Narrative & Written Reports

Narrative reports provide information on the activities, challenges, and accomplishments of a project. When writing a narrative report, please follow CHCF's guidelines for Grantee Narrative Reports (PDF) for details on:

  • Progress Reports: interim narrative reports on the project activities to date.
  • Final Narrative Reports: provide a final account of the project.


Other written reports that may be required deliverables for a grant or contract:

Financial Reports

CHCF requires financial reports on grants and contracts for which a line-item budget was submitted and approved. Please refer to the grant or contract agreement for details. Also see the CHCF Travel and Expense Policy for Grantees, Contractors, and Consultants (PDF).

Financial reports should be completed on CHCF's Financial Report Template or a similar spreadsheet. The first column of the report should reflect the approved budget for the project. If the template does not provide enough lines for each budget item, please insert additional lines and use additional pages rather than combine line items. Questions about financial reporting may be directed to CHCF Grants Administration.

If the budget for a project changes during the course of the project, and these changes exceed the acceptable limit as stipulated in the agreement of 10% per line-item or $1,000 (whichever is greater), please request approval in writing (or by email) to the CHCF program officer assigned to the grant or contract. The request should include the reason the changes are being requested and a budget worksheet that shows the approved amounts in one column and the revised amounts in the following column.

Invoices and Expense Reports

CHCF requires invoices and expense reports for grants and contracts that are fee for service (time and materials) or fixed fee. Please refer to the grant or contract agreement for details.

Fee for Service Invoices (Excel) should reflect any advance CHCF payment received and include: a brief description and date of services provided; the number of hours billed if applicable; and the amounts of out-of-pocket expenses incurred.

Fixed Fee Invoices (Excel) should include a description of the services or deliverables provided.

Expense Reports (Excel) should be submitted along with receipts for out-of-pocket expenses. Original receipts are preferred.

Also see the CHCF Travel and Expense Policy for Grantees, Contractors, and Consultants (PDF).