CIN Request for Proposals: Social Needs Screening and Referral Workflows


This is archived content; for historical reference only.

The California Improvement Network (CIN) aims to advance the quadruple aim by identifying and spreading better ideas for care delivery, and by strengthening relationships between commercial and safety-net providers and health plan communities in California.

Within the topic of addressing social needs that affect health, with an emphasis on cost management, CIN partners have identified two specific areas where they most want programming and support to help advance their work:

  • Analyzing return on investment (ROI) in efforts to address social needs that impact health
  • Understanding leading practices and workflows for screening and referrals

This is a request for proposals (RFP) for the second area — the need to learn about leading practices and to gain access to documented workflows for screening and referrals related to efforts to address social needs that impact health.


While there are existing resources for finding and assessing screening tools and referral platforms to assist with social needs efforts, it is much more challenging to find the concrete operational details of how organizations are implementing these tools. The purpose of this project is to learn from organizations that have made significant progress in screening and referring for social needs by (1) documenting the operational details of implementation and workforce changes required for screening, referrals, and cross-organization coordination, and (2) distributing these operational workflows and documented leading practices in digestible and accessible formats for use by other health care organizations.

Project Scope

This project will explore, record, and share examples of implementation efforts related to screening and referral for social needs. The grantee will:

  • Identify and select four leading health organizations, which are of similar types to CIN partner organizations (e.g., a Federally Qualified Health Center; an independent practice association; a large, integrated health system; a health plan), that have successfully implemented screening and/or referral tools for their social needs efforts and are willing to share the operational details of their work.
  • Gather documentation of workflows, such as process maps, relevant staffing models for the screening and referral work, job descriptions, etc., and other tools from the selected organizations, and interview organizations as needed to fully understand and describe their model and workflows.
  • Synthesize findings into process maps or similar detailed implementation aids, with accompanying (short) case studies that contain the pertinent details of the organization. The goal of these process maps and short case studies is for other health organizations to be able to learn about and implement similar processes in their own organizations.


Organizations or individuals with demonstrated experience executing similar projects and knowledge of quality improvement, social needs that impact health, and health care operations. The ideal candidate is familiar with the California health care landscape and CIN, and has awareness of, or a clear process for identifying, leading organizations to profile for the project.

How to Apply

Applications are due via email to Amy Quan ([email protected]) by noon PT on Friday, October 26, 2018.

To submit an application, please answer the following questions using no more than three pages for your entire application:

  1. Organization name
  2. Primary project contact (name and contact information)
  3. Why is your organization well suited to for this project? Please include relevant examples of similar projects or experiences that speak to your capabilities.
  4. How will you identify the organizations to profile?
  5. List the names and titles of the people who will contribute to this project; briefly describe their role on the project.
  6. Please include any other information here that you would like us to know in considering your application for this work.

For more details, please see the full Request for Proposals PDF below.


For questions or more information about this opportunity, please contact CIN program office lead Rebecca Hargreaves.

For questions about the application or grant administration, please contact CIN program associate Amy Quan.