Video: How Health Center Patients Benefit Under Patient-Centered Payment

California’s community health centers serve about 4 million patients enrolled in Medi-Cal. Old payment rules are hindering community heath centers’ ability to care for patients during the COVID-19 crisis. However, a new way to pay for care — patient-centered payment — would give health centers the flexibility to provide care in the new ways patients want and need, during the pandemic and beyond.

The following short animated video explains how old payment rules are hurting three fictional health center patients, Veronica, Michael, and Janelle, and how each would benefit under the switch to patient-centered payment.



Veronica would have more stable access to care for her diabetes, even during an emergency.

Michael would be able to continue telehealth visits with his doctor, even after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

Janelle would have access to same-day behavioral health visits to help her deal with the stressors of the pandemic so they don’t affect her health.

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