Publications / The Guide to Medi-Cal Programs, Third Edition

The Guide to Medi-Cal Programs, Third Edition

A Description of Medi-Cal Programs. Aid Codes. and Eligibility Groups

This is archived content, for historical reference only.

Note: The California Health Care Foundation focuses on policy research, and we are unable to assist with individual Medi-Cal cases. For information about Medi-Cal, see the official Medi-Cal site.

This book provides important information crucial to understanding the Medi-Cal program. The orientation chapter discusses Medi-Cal eligibility, immigration and disability issues, financial requirements, application process and redetermination procedures, and coverage and benefits.

The Medi-Cal program descriptions are organized into nine broad categories. Within each category, individual programs are described, aid codes are listed, and the number of beneficiaries is shown to give a sense of the program’s relative size and scope. The nine categories are:

  • Cash-related programs
  • Section 1931(b) Medi-Cal for families
  • Children’s programs
  • Pregnancy-related programs
  • Senior and disabled programs
  • Medically needy program
  • Medically indigent program
  • Transitional or continuing Medi-Cal coverage
  • Other Medi-Cal programs

The main text is supported by a glossary, an index, and an Aid Code Quick Reference sheet. The guide also provides information on non-Medi-Cal programs. The complete guide is available as a PDF under Document Downloads.

Note: The guide is intended to provide a better understanding of this complex program; however, it is important to note that this is not an eligibility manual.