Right Here, Right Now: 10 Telehealth Pioneers Make It Work

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn


This is archived content; for historical reference only.

This 2008 iHealth Report describes how 10 telehealth innovators are using electronic means to make high-quality health care available remotely. They use an array of communications instruments, from ordinary telephones and televisions to broadband connections and iPhones.

The ways that patients and providers can benefit are as varied as the 10 pioneers’ approaches, including:

  • “Virtual house calls” and home-based monitoring
  • More efficient office visits and medical research
  • Cost-effective expert advice and second opinions
  • Access in rural areas
  • Medical education made available internationally
  • Round-the-clock radiology coverage

The complete report is available under Document Downloads.

This report complements another CHCF iHealth Report, Delivering Care Anytime, Anywhere: Telehealth Alters the Medical Ecosystem, available under Related CHCF Pages.