Does Your Neighborhood Have Enough Doctors?

Use this interactive map to see how many primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and ob/gyns are in your area.

California faces an overall shortage of physicians, but not all areas are the same. Use this searchable, interactive map to find out how many primary care doctors, psychiatrists, and ob/gyns are in your area. The map is based on data from the Medical Board of California’s survey of licensed physicians.

The map only includes doctors seeing patients more than 20 hours per week, who have no subspecialties, and whose zip codes have been self-reported. Areas in the map are organized by medical service area. In some cases, a single city has more than one medical service area, while some medical service areas straddle more than one city.

Scroll and click on the map to zoom in on an area of interest, or search by city. Use the key at the top of the page to see how your area compares to other parts of the state.