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Models of Medical Respite Care

Although medical respite care programs vary in size and organization, they all share the same basic structure: short-term residential care that allows people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to rest, recover, and heal in a safe environment while accessing medical care and other supportive services. Within that basic foundation are four types of medical respite care models.

Models of Medical Respite Care (PDF) describes these four models along with the types and intensity of clinical, case management, and care coordination services that can be expected within each medical respite care setting. The four models of medical respite care are:

  • Coordinated care model
  • Coordinated clinical care model
  • Integrated clinical care model
  • Comprehensive clinical care model

A separate paper, Models of Medical Respite Care: Program Examples (PDF), is a series of case studies that highlights three programs operating under each model. The paper shows their individual staffing models, level and intensity of services provided, and partnerships with community organizations.

Both papers were produced by the National Institute for Medical Respite Care with CHCF support.

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