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Medi-Cal Matters: A Snapshot of How Medi-Cal Coverage Benefits Californians

Note: A chart deck and individual graphics were updated on September 29, 2017, to reflect revisions to the 2015 CHIS data. These publications were originally posted on July 6, 2017.

Percentage of Californians who say Medi-Cal is important, by party

In California, one in three people is now covered by Medi-Cal, California’s version of Medicaid. Drawing upon various credible research and data sources, Medi-Cal Matters compiles a set of key facts and figures illustrating the breadth and scope of Medi-Cal coverage and the benefits of that coverage to the program’s nearly 14 million beneficiaries across the state. Sources include the California Health Interview Survey; studies by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Bay Area Economic Institute, and New England Journal of Medicine; local Medi-Cal managed care plan data; and more.

Key facts include:

  • 62% of those covered by Medi-Cal are families with children.
  • Medi-Cal covers more than one in five California seniors and one in two people with disabilities.
  • Medi-Cal covers three in five nursing facility residents.
  • Two in three adult Medi-Cal beneficiaries is in the labor force.
  • Nearly 80% of Californians with Medi-Cal report having a usual source of care (vs. 52% of the uninsured).
  • Californians with Medi-Cal are 38% more likely to receive routine checkups than the uninsured.

Medi-Cal Matters also includes region-specific sections that draw upon local data to illustrate Medi-Cal beneficiaries’ access to care in that specific region. Regions include Northern California, the Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, Central Coast, Los Angeles, and Southern California.

The full chart deck and all its individual graphics are available under Document Downloads.

Note: The footnote on page 41 was corrected on July 10, 2017 to include Stanislaus County in the service area for Health Plan of San Joaquin.

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